Never Late, Never Away Chapter 774

Ah, little pumpkin must have inherited Finnick’s genes! That’s a good thing. At least, he won’t be dumb like me.

After Vivian had left, only Finnick and Benedict were in the living room, for Noah had already tactfully retreated to the side.

“Finnick,” Benedict called out. Then, he lifted his head and looked at Finnick even as he contemplated how he should begin.

“Let’s have a seat. There’s no hurry.” Finnick knew that Benedict had plenty to tell him, so he sat down and waited for him to initiate the conversation.

“I’m at fault for all those things in the past. I misunderstood you, so I officially apologize to you now. I’m sorry.”

Benedict felt that he had indeed given Finnick attitude too many times in the past. Many a time, I pull a long face with him, yet he never took offense at me. However, my conscience dictates that I must apologize. I didn’t know that he was kept in the dark back then, but now that I do, an apology is imperative.

This was his principle, and it was this character of his that garnered Morrison Group a stellar reputation.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know better. Besides, I was also partly responsible back then.” As Finnick listened to Benedict, he knew that he had already tacitly agreed to Vivian getting back with him.

Since I’ve already gotten my wife back, I don’t care about everything else. Furthermore, if it weren’t for him putting so many obstacles before me back then, I might not cherish Vivian as much as I do today.

Oftentimes, people only appreciated things that didn’t come easy.

Everyone knew the truth of that, and likewise, Finnick would also love Vivian more than ever before.

“Thank you for alleviating my guilt by saying that. But still, my stance remains the same. If you don’t treat Vivian well, there won’t be a third chance for you.”

This time, Benedict had already given Finnick a chance, so if he were to trample on Vivian’s heart again, he would protect her even if it meant sacrificing everything he had.

I’ve never taken care of her since young, so now that she’s by my side now, I’ll protect her forever.

“I’ve got it, Ben.”

Benedict was startled for a moment when Finnick called him “Ben”, but he then flashed him a smile in tacit acquiescence.

“Go on in and look for them.”

Benedict knew that they must be wanting to cling to each other for some time since they had just gotten back together, so he tactfully had Finnick going in alone without intruding on them.

“Daddy!” Larry had been playing Lego with Vivian, but the moment he spotted Finnick, he instantly threw himself at him.

At that, Finnick ruffled his head with a bright smile. Then, he stared at Vivian.

“Why are you staring at me?” A touch embarrassed at his stare, Vivian glared at him in feigned anger.

“Because you’re beautiful,” Finnick blurted shamelessly, for he knew that she wasn’t truly peeved.

As expected, Vivian’s face flushed bright red at his compliment.

She then wanted to leave the room, but Finnick grabbed her. “You’re mine now, yet you’re thinking of leaving? I’m afraid it’s not that easy.”

After saying this, he whirled around and pinned her against the wall in an extremely complicated move while carrying Larry with an arm.

Meanwhile, Larry naturally knew that his parents were about to do something X-rated, so he instantly covered his eyes with both hands so that he could turn a blind eye to it.

Upon seeing that, Finnick was abruptly gripped by the impulse to kiss Vivian though he initially hadn’t planned to do so.

He slowly leaned forward as he gazed at the countenance that had been haunting him every moment of every day.

Likewise, Vivian gazed at him. As she stared into his adoring eyes, she gradually lost herself in them…

Nevertheless, they stopped at just a kiss. Subsequently, Larry dropped his hands from his eyes.

“Mommy, Daddy, did you both kiss to beget me a sister?” Larry looked at them both cluelessly.

In his understanding, when two people shared a kiss, it was for the purpose of having a child.

But why a sister?

Finnick then blurted out this question, only to receive an unexpected answer from him.

“When I have a sister, I’ll play with her while you and Mommy play together. Then, our family will be extremely harmonious without anyone being left out,” Larry declared exuberantly.

At this moment, he could already picture how it would be when the four of them play together after he had gotten a sister.

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