Never Late, Never Away Chapter 775

“What if it’s a brother? Will someone be left out, then?” Vivian was initially a tad embarrassed, but she forgot all about her embarrassment upon hearing Larry’s remark.

“Yup! Well, both my brother and I are boys, so we can’t get together.” Larry nodded in fervent agreement as he spoke, looking exceedingly adorable.

“Haha…” Upon listening to his reasoning, both Vivian and Finnick burst out laughing.

Neither of them could quite figure out who he took after. It wasn’t quite Finnick, for he wasn’t as impish as Larry when he was young despite his brilliance.

However, it was obviously not Vivian either because she was even more slow-witted than him when she was young.

“Come home with me later, Vivian.” Finnick wanted to return to the home that belonged to them with Vivian.

In those few years without her, the house had been cold and quiet when I went home every night.

He had dismissed the two housemaids, so he was alone in the house every night. Since it was only him, he would merely cook something simple and scarf it down without really tasting it.

However, all that was nothing. Physical pain was far better than the mental anguish that had plagued him.

Every night, as he slept in the bed they had once shared in the past, he missed her beyond words.

But that was meaningless, for he had no idea how he could win her back at that time and could only bear it alone.

In time, this vicious circle made him abhor going back home. For that reason, he either spent the night at the office or in the bar as he felt much better with some people around him.

Recalling the torturous days he had spent in the past few years, he thought, Ah, life will be perfect with her at home!

Thus, he was eager to have Vivian return home and sleep with him.

“Hmm…” Vivian pondered for a moment, for she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was lacking although they had now gotten back together.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t figure out what it was even after racking her brains for a long time, so she relented in the end.


The moment she assented, a wave of joy flooded Finnick, and he immediately planted a kiss on her cheek. Delight was written plainly on his face.

Knowing that he would get to stay the night with his father, Larry was ecstatic. He beamed from ear to ear.

They both then stayed and played Lego with Larry in the room. In no time, night fell. They planned to stay overnight here and pack their things tomorrow before going home.

That night, they all slumbered peacefully while hugging each other.

Larry was sandwiched between his parents. He tossed and turned happily, unwilling to sleep for a long while.

Since I’m happy, I’ve got to have some fun! Otherwise, it’ll bug me and make me sad. After all, this is my first time sleeping with Daddy ever since birth!

However, he didn’t give voice to that out of fear that he would ruin the joyous atmosphere now. Thus, he could only celebrate in such a manner.

Having no other recourse, the two of them could only allow him to do as he pleased.

When Finnick opened his eyes the next morning, he was greeted by the sight of Larry sleeping beside him. Casting his gaze further ahead, he then saw Vivian.

All at once, jubilation danced in his eyes. This is the first time we’ve spent the night together after officially getting back together!

At that thought, he smiled and glanced at Vivian before gazing out at the sky outside. Now that I have her, everything seems so beautiful!

Hence, the man, who usually got out of bed as soon as he opened his eyes, lay an extra hour on the bed until Larry and Vivian woke up.

“Good morning, Honey,” Finnick greeted smilingly upon seeing Vivian open her eyes.

“Good morning.” At the sight of the delight brimming in his eyes, Vivian knew that he was luxuriating in the time they had now.

“Good morning, Mommy. Good morning, Daddy,” Larry greeted as well while blinking open his drowsy eyes.

“Good morning!”

Alas, good times were often short-lifted. They still wanted to laze around in bed for a while, but Benedict’s holler then drifted in from outside.

“Since you’re awake, come down and have breakfast!” Benedict was actually going to wake them up, only to hear their voices when he reached the door.

Thus, he stifled his feeling of awkwardness and called them down for breakfast. Then, he pivoted and went downstairs to serve the food.

“Let’s get out of bed since Ben is awake. Otherwise, he’s going to come and holler again.” Vivian knew that her brother believed that it was crucial to have breakfast and would never allow her to skip breakfast for even a single day.

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