Never Late, Never Away Chapter 776

“Sure,” Finnick agreed readily. He didn’t have the habit of lazing in bed, and he only did so earlier because Vivian was still in bed.

Since she was now awake, he promptly got out of bed and dressed.

As Vivian was a touch shy last night, she merely took off her coat but kept her clothes on before sleeping. For that reason, it took her no time to get dressed.

She remembered that Finnick moved fast, so she turned around to see whether he was done dressing.

But never had she thought that he’d only be wearing a shirt at this moment. As her eyes continued traveling down, a particular part of him was slightly erect and showed signs of springing right up.

Shock swamped her when she saw that.

Huh? Did he strip everything when he went to sleep last night? And why is he dressing so slowly? He’s doing this deliberately, yes?

“What’s the matter? Do you miss it?” Finnick teased when he noticed that her gaze remained fixed on that part of him.

Subsequently, Vivian followed his gaze, only to spot Larry, who was standing at the side. Then, she realized the reason he was slower in getting dressed than usual.

It turned out that he had dressed Larry while she was still putting on her coat.

After realizing that, she was gripped by the urge to crawl into a hole. Argh! This is truly mortifying!

Alas, she had no choice but to face him.

“Alright, speed up.” As Finnick gazed at her face that was as red as an overly ripe tomato, he couldn’t help chortling even harder.

“Okay.” Vivian touched her flaming face before hastening her movements.

Very quickly, she finished dressing and went into the bathroom to wash up. In the bathroom, she saw her toothbrush with toothpaste laid out as usual, with Finnick having prepared everything for her.

In a flash, a burst of warmth flooded her. After brushing her teeth, she went downstairs. Just when she had reached the landing, she caught sight of the three people, who were eating breakfast downstairs.

“Hurry up and come have breakfast, Vivian,” Benedict hastily prompted when he saw that she was still looking around upstairs.

Breakfast should be eaten while it’s hot, but they were simply too slow in washing up that it’s now not quite hot anymore!

“Okay.” Vivian descended the stairs and sat down beside Larry. The three of them sat on the same side, across from Benedict.

“Are you moving back to Finnick’s place today, Vivian?” Benedict knew that she’d be moving back to Finnick’s place, but he wasn’t certain when exactly she was planning to do so.

“Yes, that’s the plan, Ben.” Unexpectedly, Finnick’s voice drifted over just when she was about to answer, and he had already answered on her behalf before she knew it.

“Alright. If so, start packing after breakfast, okay? I’m worried that there are too many things to pack.”

Benedict was certain that Finnick wouldn’t disappoint Vivian again this time, so he was very supportive of them getting back together.

“Are you kicking us out, Ben?” Vivian couldn’t help asking when she heard how eager her brother was in having her move out.

“Yup! After all, you only eat and drink at my house without doing anything. So, it’s better that you go over to Finnick’s house and sponge off him instead,” Benedict quipped.

It’s indeed true that I didn’t do anything other than taking care of Larry, but that was because there were housemaids back then. Yet, he’s now making it sound as though I’m a lazy pig who only eats and does nothing!

Vivian shot daggers at him, hoping that he would apologize without a moment’s delay.

But before she had even heard Benedict’s voice, she heard Finnick’s instead.

“Don’t worry, Ben, I’ll take her away as soon as possible.” After saying that, he turned and looked at her smugly as though he had saved the entire world.

At the sight of such an expression from him, Vivian unbiddenly felt that he had become increasingly childish in the past few years they had been apart.

Even some of his actions and tone are very much childlike.

Nonetheless, she didn’t say that since she was afraid of his reaction if she were to do so.

“Yay! We’re going back to Daddy’s house!” Larry hurriedly chimed in when he heard them speaking of returning to Finnick’s house later.

After all, he had been yearning to stay with Finnick for ages. Now, I even get to sleep at Daddy’s house! That was something he didn’t even dare imagine in the past.

“Yup, we’re going back in a while.” Upon seeing that he was jumping for joy, Finnick stroked his head with a smile. Then, he shifted his gaze to Vivian.

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