Never Late, Never Away Chapter 777

Finnick’s gaze seemed to be saying, Look, even Larry has agreed! Are you not coming home with me? How much longer do you want to drag things out?

After looking at Finnick, Vivian’s stance relaxed.

“In that case, help us out later, Ben.” Benedict was her brother, yet he was now kicking her out in such a hurry. Fine, I’ll grant him his wish. But my only condition is that he does the heavy lifting!

“Hey, you’re simply…” Benedict was torn between laughter and exasperation at her demand, but he didn’t quite know how to describe it, so he simply trailed off.

“Hehe, only then will I be able to move out more quickly!” Vivian batted her eyelashes at him.

Then, she buried her head and ate away. She merely kept her head lowered as she enjoyed the food, not interested in whatever else he had to say.

Meanwhile, when Benedict noticed her good mood, he realized how long it had been since she had last been this happy in recent years. Perhaps Finnick is truly her perfect match. And it’s only when she has gotten back with him will there be such a smile that was usually as rare as hen’s teeth on her face. This is the kind of genuine smile that comes from deep within. In that case, as her brother, I should support her.

At the thought of that, he lowered his head and ate his breakfast as well. Inwardly, he planned on sending her back later.

At the side, a trace of chagrin welled up within Finnick as he watched Vivian’s interaction with her brother.

She’s still keeping some distance between us, yet she’s being so natural with Benedict Morrison!

Unbeknownst to him, it was only after they had gotten back together that she was speaking to him in such a manner.

In the past, that was something that had never happened.

When they had finished breakfast in record time, Benedict was then called away by a phone call from his office. Before he left, he promised that he would be back very soon to help Vivian move her things.

At that, Vivian said that she was merely joking and wasn’t really planning on making him help.

However, she couldn’t outargue him in the end, so she could only wait for him at home.

While they were resting on the sofa just after Benedict had left, Noah came over and knelt before them.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton,” Noah greeted.

At that, Vivian looked at him, curious to know what he wanted to say. But beside her, Finnick didn’t even spare him a single glance.

To him, what he had done was already merciful toward someone who had previously betrayed him. Thus, how could he possibly still deign to spare him any attention?

“Mr. and Mrs. Norton, I know what I did this time was indeed grievous beyond words. However, I had no choice because I still had my parents to consider. I couldn’t be an unfilial son, so there was no other way out for me.”

Upon hearing that, rage surged within Finnick, and he saw red.

“But if I were given a chance at a do-over, I’d definitely save them with everything I have instead of betraying you. While I must save my parents, if I were to do something that goes against morality, then I would henceforth lose all dignity.”

He had been piecing this speech together throughout the whole of last night, and he now finally gave voice to it. As for whether he would be getting any forgiveness, that would depend on Vivian and Finnick.

“Therefore, I’m not wishing that you’ll forgive me now, Mr. and Mrs. Norton. I only hope that you’ll send me to prison so that I’ll receive my due punishment. I know having you punish me will only dirty your hands. Thus, that’s the only way to alleviate my guilt.”

Noah sounded exceedingly earnest without a hint of pretense, the remorse and helplessness in his voice shining vividly.

Nevertheless, not only did Finnick’s anger not abate, but it blazed all the more hotly instead.

To him, Noah was simply hoping for forgiveness from him.

If he’s truly repentant, then he shouldn’t ever appear before me again! But instead of doing that, he’s actually repenting before me!

“Let me tell you that it has never ended well for those who betray me, Finnick Norton. Prison? That’s too good for you. I’ve got a thousand ways to punish you just because of one mistake you’ve committed.”

Betrayal was the one thing he detested most in his life. Since I chose him to be my assistant, I’ve always trusted him. Never had I thought he’d repay me in such a manner!

“Mr. Norton.” Noah’s head dipped even lower after hearing this.

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