Never Late, Never Away Chapter 779

Benedict decided that he would simply reveal the truth, and in doing so, quell the police chief’s intention of ingratiating himself to him.

“Ah, please thank your chief on my behalf, but it was actually a child’s shenanigans that brought about the misunderstanding of a kidnapping case. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

Benedict smiled at the three police officers. After that, he observed their expressions closely and awaited their reply.

“Oh, so it was your child’s shenanigans from the very beginning. In that case, I truly have to laud his intelligence and courage.” The police officer in the lead had no other recourse but to offer some compliments in hopes that the situation could be salvaged upon seeing that there was no hope for collaboration this time.

“No, no, he’s nothing special.” While Benedict knew that Larry was indeed extraordinarily smart, he also knew that those words were mere flattery.

Nevertheless, he still looked at the three of them with a bright smile as he then said, “Well then, I’ve still got some business to attend to, so…”

The message behind his words was clear as day – he wasn’t interested in a collaboration and was currently swamped, so they should excuse themselves.

After all, he couldn’t be too blunt because they were all in the corporate world. Otherwise, he would be criticized by others.

“Oh, sure. Do get on with your work, Mr. Morrison. We’ll be leaving first. Please excuse us.” The police officers knew that he had no desire to work with them, so they decided not to tarry and overstay their welcome.

“Goodbye. Please see yourselves out.” After casting a final glance at them, Benedict walked over to his table and took something before taking the exclusive elevator down.

He didn’t forget that he had promised to help Vivian move house today, so he drove back home after settling the issue.

“Ms. Morrison, what are you planning to do now that you’ve gotten back with Mr. Norton?”

“Ms. Morrison, what’s your relationship with Mr. Norton at the moment?”

“Ms. Morrison, is the child standing between the two of you your child with Mr. Norton?”

A barrage of questions were directed at Vivian.

A few moments ago, just when Vivian was about to put the luggage into the car at the door, she was greeted by the sight of a group of reports charging over and surrounding the three of them.

As Finnick was wearing a stand-offish expression, the reporters dared not ask him anything. Instead, they turned their attention to Vivian beside him, who seemed much more approachable.

“Uh…” Vivian didn’t quite know how to answer all those questions, so she hesitated and looked at Finnick beside her.

Finnick, however, detested being surrounded and interrogated in such a manner. In his opinion, if he ignored them, they would then find it futile and leave by themselves.

Since neither of them spoke after a long moment, the reporters became all the more worked up as they hurled out question after question.

At that, exasperation flooding Vivian and Finnick. Exchanging a look, they both remained silent.

“Ms. Morrison, are you shy to answer our questions, or is it because your relationship with Mr. Norton is shameful in the first place?”

Finnick hadn’t planned on saying anything, but the moment he heard a reporter asking this, he immediately went livid.

No one is allowed to simply speculate about my relationship with Vivian!

In next to no time, he shielded Vivian in his arms and declared, “Vivian Morrison is my wife, and the kid between us is our son. As for you, you’re now blacklisted.”

After saying that, he strode toward the house while pulling Vivian along with a hand and carrying Larry with the other.

Noticing the forbidding expression on his face, the reporters on both sides parted to leave a path in the middle and allowed them to pass.

However, shock was written all over their faces after hearing that Finnick had gotten back with Vivian, and they even had a child.

Besides shock, they were also feeling rather regretful that such a handsome president already had a wife and child.

What a shame! What about us, who still idolize Finnick Norton?

Most of the reporters who came today were female, and the majority of them were fans of Finnick. Hence, they were all overwhelmed upon hearing that piece of news.

They stood there shell-shocked for about ten minutes until someone abruptly snapped back to her senses and realized that Finnick had already left. Only then did they start moving.

At that time, their bodies that remained motionless for a long time were already close to going numb.

Fortunately, they had gotten explosive information today, so they harbored no complaints.

However, as the reporter, who had been blacklisted by Finnick watched her colleagues leave happily, a wave of resentment surged within her.

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