Never Late, Never Away Chapter 780

I just wanted to ask something a more scandalous question, but never had I thought that Finnick Norton’s temper would be so bad that he blacklisted me at once!

In a trice, unbridled rage blazed in the reporter’s initially calm eyes though her thoughts remained indiscernible.

“Go and pack up, Vivian. Ben will probably be home soon.” As soon as they went into the house, Finnick asked Vivian to pack up.

He initially planned to help her out, but alas, he didn’t know what she needed or otherwise.

Thus, he had no choice but to have her do it herself.

“Okay.” Vivian was very satisfied with his action earlier, so at the thought that they would be going home in a while, she instantly felt as though she was walking on air.

“Daddy, why did those reporters earlier ask Mommy all those questions?” Larry was extremely puzzled as to why they asked Vivian all those personal questions.

Mommy isn’t a celebrity, so why were they in such a frenzy?

“They actually came because of your kidnapping, but they unexpectedly saw me and your mommy with you, so the subject shifted to our relationship.”

Finnick knew that Larry’s kidnapping case had already caused a sensation. The reporters should have been inquiring about the kidnapping case, but gossip naturally garnered more attention compared to a criminal case.

As they knew which of the two took precedence, they forgot their initial intention and inquired about their relationship instead.

“Hence, you can’t be so mischievous in the future, little pumpkin.” Vivian couldn’t help chiding Larry when she overheard their conversation while packing her things.

This time, he had indeed gone overboard, but it was all thanks to him that I’ve now reconciled with Finnick. If not, I’ve got no idea when the misunderstanding between us would’ve been resolved.

“Got it, Mommy,” Larry murmured guiltily, knowing that he had created trouble for his parents this time.

“But your intelligence and courage are indeed admirable, little pumpkin,” Finnick proclaimed as he ruffled Larry’s head, admiration written all over his face.

The kidnapping this time took place at a relatively remote place, and Larry had to observe them outside at night, so it required a lot of guts.

“Hehe, Mommy taught me well!” In reality, Vivian didn’t really teach Larry anything much; it was all his ingenuity.

Nonetheless, since he was now giving her this honor, Vivian accepted it without any compunction.

After having made two trips up and down the stairs, her brother, Benedict, came home.

“Why is everything already packed?” Benedict stared at the bags of various sizes on the floor. Didn’t she say that she’d wait for me to come back?

“How would I dare have you help me when you’re such a busy man, Ben?” Vivian teased him with a smile, and she even brushed a finger under his jaw.

At that moment, she appeared very much roguish.

However, as she was teasing him, a pair of big and strong hands grabbed hers.

The moment she looked up, she was greeted by Finnick’s face.

“Have you forgotten that you’re married, Honey?” Finnick arched an eyebrow as he gazed at her domineeringly.

Having forgotten that this jealous man was also here, Vivian froze.

“There’s no need to help her, Ben. Let her pack up by herself.” Finnick knew that she was almost done, so he was merely saying this to punish her for a bit.

“Okay.” Benedict felt that he shouldn’t be interfering in their squabble, so he merely nodded in acquiescence.

“Ben, you… you’re just too much!” Vivian was often picked on by Finnick in the past, so she was already accustomed to this.

But never had she thought that her amiable brother would team up with him and treat her in such a manner.

“Don’t blame me, Vivian. I’m doing this for your own good.” Benedict looked at her with feigned righteousness.

“Hmph!” Vivian snorted as she stared at their nefarious expressions before she went back to packing.

“Remember to take good care of her, Finnick.” Benedict was a tad reluctant to see Vivian leave when they had been living together for five years.

Nevertheless, he could only suppress his reluctance in exchange for his sister’s happiness.

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