Never Late, Never Away Chapter 782

Luckily, there’s a ledge underneath, else I might have truly plunged over the windowsill. Even if the fall doesn’t kill me, it would’ve crippled me.

“Okay.” Finnick stayed by her side at all times, worried that she would once again suffer any harm.

Meanwhile, Benedict kept an eye on them both. When he was certain that everything was fine, he decided to drive and see them home.

“Vivian, I’ll drive your luggage over, and you two drive home by yourselves.” Benedict didn’t want to intrude on them, so he proposed splitting up.

Vivian naturally knew his intention, so she merely nodded in acquiescence.

“I’ll be going, then.” After saying that, Benedict left when Vivian had murmured an acknowledgment.

Thus, it was only Vivian, Finnick, and Larry left in the house. Fortunately, Larry was with Finnick during Vivian’s incident, else things might have been disastrous.

When Vivian and Finnick saw that Benedict had left, they quickly got ready to leave as well. Benedict was a guest, after all, so it was an affront if they were still tarrying elsewhere when the guest had already arrived at their house.

“Vivian, Larry, let’s go.” They all left after Finnick had gathered Vivian and Larry.

Noah, on the other hand, had left with Benedict to make some arrangements at home.

“Okay!” Finnick held Vivian and Larry’s hands, one on either side of him.

At that moment, the family of three wore a blissful expression on their faces.

It had been a long time since Vivian had last gone back to Finnick’s house.

I wonder if it’s still the same – if there are still traces of me having lived there and whether the modifications I did remain.

Thinking of that, she couldn’t contain the excitement within her and was eager to go home for a look.

Sensing her mood, Finnick sped up. Likewise, he couldn’t wait for her to see that the house looked exactly the same as it did before she had left. Nothing had changed.

“Daddy, is our house big?” Larry questioned. He was trying to imagine how the new house looked like, yet he just couldn’t picture it.

“Yup. It’s even bigger than your Uncle Benedict’s house,” Finnick answered indulgently as he looked at Larry’s adorable expression.

And indeed, it was the truth – their house was indeed bigger than Benedict’s. Although it was merely a little bigger, it still counted.

“Yay! That’s great! I love huge houses!” Larry clapped his hands in delight when he heard Finnick’s reply.

While Vivian knew why he liked big houses, the same couldn’t be said for Finnick.

Truthfully speaking, it was because Finnick wasn’t around when Larry was young.

“Why do you like huge houses, little pumpkin?” That question lingered within Finnick, so he gave voice to it.

“Because if I live in a big house when I’m young, I’ll definitely want to live in a bigger house in the future. Then, I’ll be able to protect Mommy!”

Larry had been cognizant of the fact that he was a man ever since young, so he had to shoulder the responsibility of protecting his mother because his father wasn’t there.

Although Daddy is now here, I’m still Mommy’s little man, so I must protect her!

Upon hearing that, Finnick’s heart jolted. My son is far better than I’d imagined! At the very least, he knows that he’s a man and is willing to shoulder the responsibility due to him instead of being irresponsible. In today’s society, even some grown men lack such sentiment, but my son is already thinking this way at such a tender age. He’s indeed my son, a giant among men!

“But why are you not protecting me, little pumpkin?” In truth, Finnick wasn’t bothered about this; he merely wanted to know how Larry was going to answer.

“Hmm… You’re a man, so you don’t need me to protect you. Plus, I believe that you’ve got the capability to protect both me and Mommy,” Larry replied after pondering for a moment.

When his words fell, Vivian, who had remained silent throughout it all, chuckled aloud.

“What if I don’t have the capability to protect myself?” Finnick adamantly asked further.

“Then, I’ll protect you,” Larry declared resolutely as he stared at him.

People will inevitably grow old. If Daddy doesn’t have the capability anymore, I’ll protect both Daddy and Mommy since I’ll have grown up by that time!

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