Never Late, Never Away Chapter 784

Finnick knew without a hint of doubt that it was the doing of the group of reporters yesterday. Vivian, however, wanted to know what the reporters wrote about them.

As soon as she picked up the newspaper, a huge headline that was very conspicuous stared her right in the face.

“The Truth Is Revealed For The Kidnapping Case A Few Days Ago: The Culprit Turns Out To Be The Son!”

“The President Of Norton Corporation And His Wife Reconciles, Heartwarmingly Disposing Trash With Son!”

“The President Of Norton Corporation Domineeringly Declares That Ms. Vivian Morrison Is His Wife!”

Vivian read all the headlines aloud. She couldn’t help but feel impressed at all these headlines.

She then moved on to the contents, only to find them rather similar, thus lost interest.

Consequently, she placed the newspaper down.

“It’s okay. It’s no big deal being the talk of the town.” Vivian didn’t mind it since she was used to it in the past. It’s just a reinstatement of my life five years ago.

“Yeah, it’s nothing.” Finnick was all the more nonchalant about it.

Upon seeing that the two of them seemed to have settled in just fine, Benedict took his leave from them.

“Alright, I’ve driven your things here, so there’s nothing much I can do further. You two unpack yourselves, okay? I’ll be leaving, then.”

He was the president of a listed company, after all, so it was already an honor that he had lowered himself as a driver and helped them with moving house. Now, he had to go to the office to handle business.

Argh! I even feel as though I can already see a mountain of documents beckoning me!

“Okay. Drive safely, Ben.” Finnick inclined his head at Benedict and looked on as he left.

“No matter what you did in the past, I hope you’ll do your job well,” Benedict said to Noah, who had come out to see him off.

Actually, Finnick froze for a moment when he was just about to ask Noah to see Benedict off earlier and said nothing in the end.

But perhaps Noah was aware of Finnick’s intentions, for he came out to see Benedict off anyway.

That had Benedict sensing that something was amiss since Finnick had Noah helping him in everything in the past.

Now, however, he didn’t even want to ask him to see a guest out. From that, Benedict reckoned that Noah must have done something so atrocious that he had lost trust in him.

“I will, Mr. Morrison.” Noah wasn’t at all surprised that Benedict could guess that something was off. After all, he had been in the corporate world for many years, and his company wouldn’t have attained its scale today if he couldn’t even perceive this much.

After saying that, Benedict spun around and left.

“Go and unpack in your own room, little pumpkin,” Vivian ordered Larry to unpack himself when she saw the huge pile of things.

On the one hand, it would be good practice for him, and on the other, it would mean less work for her.

“I want to sleep with you and Daddy, Mommy!” A sliver of displeasure slithered into Larry when Vivian told him to sleep in a room by himself.

“No way!” Finnick wanted to enjoy time alone with Vivian, so if Larry were to sleep with them, there would be no hope for pleasurable days ahead.

“But why?” Larry inquired in bafflement as he stared at Finnick, whose reaction had been overly vehement.

“Because you’ve now grown up, so people will laugh at you if you still sleep with your parents.” Finnick earnestly fabricated an excuse.

Aware of the true reason behind Finnick’s objection, Vivian burst into giggles.

At that, Finnick shot her a fierce glare.

Feeling that she should say something or risk Finnick punishing her later, Vivian asserted, “You’ll have your own room, but you can also sleep with us when you feel like doing so.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you both!” Larry conceded as he felt that they made sense.

“That’s a good boy!” Finnick then winked at Vivian when Larry agreed to sleep in a room by himself, seeming to say: Honey, look! Aren’t I incredible?

As Vivian stared at his flirtatious look, she rolled her eyes at him before leaving to unpack in their room.

She looked around as she walked. This place is still the same as before I left; nothing has changed. Even the shoes I’d worn five years ago are still there on the shoe rack!

When she arrived at the room, she opened the closet, only to see that everything was still the same with nothing out of place – half was Finnick’s clothes, and the other half was hers.

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