Never Late, Never Away Chapter 785

Back then, she left without taking anything with her. Hence, all her clothes were still lying intact in the wardrobe.

Nevertheless, after so many years, she had slimmed down too much and those clothes didn’t fit anymore. Vivian took out the clothes and put them in a box, preparing to throw them away.

After all, five years had passed and she couldn’t really wear them anymore. And even if she could, those were some uninteresting old outfits that Vivian no longer wanted to wear.

Her current lifestyle was to dress well, eat well, and never let herself be deprived of what she deserved.

While she was still packing the old clothes, she heard the phone ringing downstairs.

Finnick had already picked it up when Vivian got downstairs. However, Finnick’s expression turned increasingly somber as he stayed on the phone. Eventually, he uttered, “Alright, I’ll be there right away.”

With that, he hung up the phone and turned to Vivian. “Evelyn has disappeared.”

That piece of news gave Vivian a severe shock. Shouldn’t Evelyn be in the hospital? How did she just disappear all of a sudden?

Vivian couldn’t get her head around it. She purposely asked the nurse to keep watch on Evelyn when she was leaving the hospital. How did it turn out this way?

“Let’s go to the hospital and take a look.” Though bewildered, Vivian quickly came to understand that one had to be painstaking in order to keep someone properly guarded.

She could only blame herself for not taking enough precautions to prevent this from happening and not put the blame on others.

“Alright.” Finnick took Larry in his arms and left for the hospital with Vivian.

“Daddy, who went missing?” From their conversations earlier, Larry knew that someone had gone missing.

But he had no idea who it was.

“It’s a bad person.” Vivian didn’t answer and waited for Finnick to respond.

However, she didn’t expect Finnick to be so straightforward and referred to Evelyn as a bad person directly.

“Mmm… Then, would she be like me and was just staging an act of being kidnapped?” Larry suddenly thought about the kidnapping which he had faked previously.

He was curious and wanted to know if this current incident was a sham plotted by the bad person to ask them for money.

“There is no reason for her to do that.” Finnick gave a thought about what Larry said and didn’t think that Evelyn would have any reason to do so.

Evelyn had completely no advantage in putting on an act as such. Hence, the reason she had vanished was most probably to escape from this place and then make a comeback.

To win Finnick’s heart again.

That was what Vivian thought.

Women knew women best. Vivian was of the opinion that Evelyn would never give up on Finnick so easily.

“Then why did she leave?” Hearing that the idea he gave was not possible, Larry tried to inquire further in another way.

“Little pumpkin, listen. This is a matter among the adults, and as a kid, you should stay away and not ask too much about it, alright?” Vivian stroked his hair gently. She didn’t want Larry to know too much about this matter which concerned Evelyn.

After all, it was not something worth mentioning but a long-standing grudge.

There was nothing beneficial to Larry from knowing it. Hence, it was best to keep it to themselves and not reveal it to Larry.

“I’m not a kid. I can help share Mommy and Daddy’s burden as well.” Hearing Vivian’s response, Larry countered in a pout.

Larry thought that he was far more sensible than his peers of the same age and was capable enough to help his parents.

Nevertheless, Finnick and Vivian always claimed that he was too young to know all these matters which were better concealed from him.

That made Larry dislike his age sometimes. He felt that it was his age that brought about a lot of obstacles in many of the things he encountered.

“Little pumpkin, sometimes, it’s not that we want to keep things away from you, but it’s because these matters are not worth mentioning. Do you understand?” Seeing that Larry was rather downhearted, Finnick tried to make him feel better.

In fact, it was partly because of Larry’s age that Finnick was reluctant to fill him in, but it was also because these matters weren’t worthwhile to mention at all.

“Yes, I understand now,” Seeing that Finnick was explaining it to him so earnestly, there was nothing that he could refute anymore, so he answered meekly.

Finnick was relieved to find that Larry was so mature and thoughtful.

Sitting next to Finnick, Vivian was still wondering where Evelyn went after leaving.

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