Never Late, Never Away Chapter 786

Thinking of that, Vivian made a call to Noah and asked him to check Evelyn’s bank account.

If Evelyn had indeed escaped from the hospital, she would definitely withdraw money from the bank. That was one way to know Evelyn’s location and actions.

“If Evelyn didn’t withdraw money, then just freeze her bank accounts,” Vivian ordered Noah before ending the call.

Vivian knew that Evelyn had no money at all, so they could get ready and wait for her to show up.

With Evelyn’s current stamina and strength, she would surely go to the nearest bank. In that way, Noah would be able to find her.

After everything was done, Vivian was very pleased that she had found her wits again.

However, almost immediately, she thought about the possibility that Evelyn had already withdrawn money. If that’s the case, what should I do?

At the thought of that, Vivian asked Finnick to drive faster so that they could reach the hospital sooner to see what had happened.

Most importantly, she wanted to see if Evelyn had left any clue which could be useful.

Very soon, they arrived at the hospital, and Vivian carried Larry off the car. Larry then followed her and Finnick closely.

“Mommy, are we coming to the hospital to look for someone?” Larry knew that it was the hospital as he had seen the signage at the entrance.

“That’s right,” answered Vivian, who suddenly paused in front of the entrance of the hospital.

Finnick knew the reason Vivian froze on the spot, but Larry was puzzled.

“Mommy, why aren’t you going in?” Larry took Vivian’s hand and wanted to get in quickly to catch the bad person.

“Alright, let’s get in.” Looking at Larry and Finnick, Vivian felt that she had nothing to worry about.

Hence, she strode forward.

“Vivian, stop right there!”

To get to Evelyn’s ward, they had to pass by Rachel’s ward. Unfortunately, Rachel saw her when they walked by her ward.

Rachel shouted at Vivian to stop her.

“Is there anything you need?” Vivian was going to ignore Rachel initially. However, at the sight of Rachel almost falling from her bed owing to her own aggressiveness, Vivian changed her mind and relented.

She walked over and asked Rachel the reason she called out at her.

Finnick felt that there was something wrong with Rachel, so he walked to Vivian’s side and kept her guarded, just in case Rachel harmed her.

“You’ve found your happiness now; why do you have to force Evelyn away?” Rachel was aware that her daughter went missing, but she didn’t know the reason behind it.

She subconsciously assumed that it was Vivian who had driven her biological daughter away

“And you. Why are you still with this vicious woman? You should leave her as soon as possible.”

Rachel was about to berate Vivian but was blocked by Finnick, who had stood in between the two women.

It was only at that moment did Rachel realize the person, who was standing in front of her, was the man whom her daughter loved so dearly and wholeheartedly.

“Take Larry out of here.” Seeing as Noah had come, Finnick asked him to bring Larry elsewhere as he didn’t want Larry to see this.

“Let’s go, Mr. Larry.” Upon hearing Finnick’s order, Noah hurriedly took Larry out of the ward.

It was the first time Finnick had given him a task since he had betrayed him. Hence, Noah was delighted because he knew that Finnick had forgiven him.

“Noah, why doesn’t Daddy allow me to be in the ward?” After being brought out by Noah, Larry asked him rather dejectedly.

“Mr. Norton doesn’t want you to be bothered because it would be very noisy in the ward later,” Noah could only answer Larry in this way as he didn’t know what to say otherwise.

Also, Noah was able to foresee what was about to happen in the ward, so the excuse he had given wasn’t really a deception to Larry either.

Not long after that, the sound of something smashing on the ground came from within the ward.

It was Rachel throwing some stuff at Vivian, but it didn’t hit her as she managed to dodge it, and it fell to the ground.

“Vivian Morrison, I hate you. It’s because of you I lost my only daughter. It’s all because of you that my life became such a mess.” Rachel was on the brink of madness and said some pretty terrible things.

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