Never Late, Never Away Chapter 787

Vivian let it ride. Yet, she couldn’t help but frown when she took a gander at Rachel, who had accidentally fallen from the bed as she was trying to hit her.

“Send her to the nursing home instead. Don’t let her be in the hospital anymore,” Vivian said to Finnick and also asked for his opinion at the same time.

Certainly, Finnick agreed to it. Rachel hurt Vivian even though she had also raised Vivian. That said, Vivian no longer owed her anything as she had paid her off for raising her.

Hence, Finnick wouldn’t tolerate Rachel’s way of treating Vivian anymore.

Leaving the ward together with Vivian, Finnick saw Larry and Noah, who were waiting outside.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton, I’ve checked. Evelyn had made a full withdrawal from her bank account before we discovered that she went missing,” Noah told them about the findings of his investigation.

Even though it was a task given by Vivian, he gave his all in completing it and reported it to both Finnick and Vivian.

“Well, in that case, let’s check if there are any trails left by her in the ward.” Noah’s account of the matter was expected by Vivian as well.

Evelyn’s success in running away indicated that she had borne this idea for a long time in her mind.

It was reasonable that her plan was perfectly concealed from others since it might have been plotted long ago, but Vivian didn’t believe that an immaculate plan could exist.

Therefore, she was determined to go to the ward to have a look.

“Alright, let’s go then.” Finnick agreed to Vivian’s idea to go to the ward because, in the event that they could get any clue from her ward, it would also be helpful to their search for Evelyn.

Taking Vivian’s hand in his, Finnick reached the door of the ward. The ward wasn’t any different from how it used to look usually, but there was one exception—a few words were carved on the door.

Leaning closer to it, Vivian saw what they read: I’ll be back!

Looking at the few words made, Vivian wondered how much strength was needed for one to carve these words on the door so deeply.

“There seems to be nothing suspicious in the ward except for the words in this corner.” Vivian circled and checked all the corners of the ward. It was clean and tidy.

In any case, Evelyn was brought up in a decent environment. Hence, it was also reasonable for her to tidy up and clean the ward before she left.

Nonetheless, what was unknown to Vivian was that the nurse had already cleaned the room after Evelyn left, which was why the ward was spick and span.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising that Vivian couldn’t find anything in the ward. However, out of the blue, something occurred to Vivian.

Earlier on, because she was afraid that Evelyn might be scheming something in the ward, she had installed a surveillance camera in Evelyn’s ward.

Never would she have thought that the surveillance camera would come in handy to her one day.

It looks like I’m fairly foresighted.

“Quick, get the surveillance camera down from the door. Let me take a look.” Vivian instructed Noah to take down the camera so that she could check what happened.

Back then, in order to keep it away from being discovered by Evelyn, Vivian had specifically installed a pinhole camera. Hence, they had to take it down to see what was being captured.

“Yes, Mrs. Norton,” Noah replied and stepped on a stool, preparing to remove it from above the door.

“When did you install a camera here? How come I was totally clueless?” Finnick was astonished. When did Vivian even install this thing here?

As far as Finnick was concerned, he had escorted Vivian every time she came to the hospital. But never had he seen her fixing the camera in this ward.

“Well, it was after our divorce,” Vivian looked at Finnick and replied to him thoughtfully.

That means, this camera was fixed after we got a divorce. Thus, I’m not required to tell you about it.

Hering Vivian’s answers, Finnick thought what she said was true, so he didn’t ask further.

Noah was swift, and while they were talking, he had already removed the camera and took it down.

Vivian went to borrow a laptop from the nurse and checked what Evelyn had been doing in the ward.

After watching the footage, they found out that the words carved on the door were indeed Evelyn’s own works.

Furthermore, when she was whittling on the door, she wore a monstrous expression on her face, as though she was going to kill someone. But immediately after that, an ineffably gentle expression crept on her face, and it made Vivian felt as though spring had come all of a sudden.

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