Never Late, Never Away Chapter 788

Vivian knew all too well that it was only when Evelyn was thinking about Finnick would such an expression appear on her face.

Therefore, Vivian turned to Finnick and shot him a glare.

Not knowing how to react, Finnick rubbed his nose as an indication that it had nothing to do with him.

Vivian fast-forwarded the recorded clip and saw Evelyn taking a piece of cloth in her hand, tearing up alone, and seemed to be yelling something.

However, none of them could lip read.

Nevertheless, judging from her intense emotions, Vivian reckoned that Evelyn must have been berating her then.

Seeing that, Finnick felt even more awkward, but Vivian didn’t say anything, nor did she blame him.

“Look, this was what happened on the day that Evelyn ran away.” Vivian pointed at the laptop screen and asked them to take a closer look.

All they saw from the screen was Evelyn escaping from the ward as soon as she woke up early that morning. Even before the saline bottle attached to the back of her hand was emptied, she pulled the needle off and ran out of the ward.

“Well, we can’t really find Evelyn anymore now,” Disheartened, Vivian looked at Finnick and said.

Initially, she thought she had found some trails that would be able to trace Evelyn and find her back.

But then realization dawned on her that they ended up with nothing meaningful. What are we going to do now?

Vivian wasn’t afraid of Evelyn, but once Evelyn got outside, she would cause them more trouble, and their life would be greatly affected.

Vivian didn’t want that. All she ever wanted was to lead a peaceful and happy life.

And that wish seemed a little difficult to be fulfilled at the moment.

The only way out for Vivian was to look for Evelyn and keep her at a place where she could see and manage.

“Let’s go and check the surveillance camera on the road and see where she went.” Finnick also knew very well the significance of Evelyn’s escape.

Hence, he was of the opinion that they should go looking for her immediately since she hadn’t left for too long.

They were left with the option of checking the surveillance cameras on the roadside in hopes of finding the routes that Evelyn had taken.

“Alright,” Vivian answered after she turned to look at Larry, who had been watching them from the side, and then to Noah.

“Noah, you take Larry home with you first. I’ll check the surveillance cameras with Finnick.” Vivian didn’t want Larry to follow them rushing about anymore, so she could only ask Noah to take him home.

“Mommy, is that person very hard to find? Why is Mommy looking so troubled? I’m not leaving with Noah. I want to be with Mommy.”

To Larry’s understanding, searching for someone was a very simple task. One just had to look around oneself.

However, as he saw the helpless and deeply concerned faces of his parents, Larry couldn’t understand why they looked so lost, so he wanted to stay and help them look for the missing person.

“Little pumpkin, listen. Mommy has one piece of clothing missing at home which I can’t seem to find. Why don’t you help me look for it?” Vivian had to tell a white lie in order to make Larry leave.

“Okay.” Hearing that he could actually be of help to his mommy, Larry was uplifted in an instant.

He couldn’t wait to go back home with Noah and help Vivian look for her missing clothes.

Noah took a glance at Finnick and was waiting to see if he would give him any instructions.

Nevertheless, after a long while, Finnick didn’t respond. It was only when Noah turned around, preparing to leave, that he heard an utterance from Finnick. “Take care of Larry.”

That cheered Noah up, and he quickly agreed.

Seeing as Noah left together with Larry, Vivian and Finnick went to the nearest police station to check the footage of surveillance cameras on each of the streets.

It was fortunate that they found out the time when Evelyn left the hospital. Hence, with that detail in hand, they only needed to target the image and appearance of Evelyn in the footage.

Time passed with every tick of the clock, but there was no sign of Evelyn at all in such a big city.

When Vivian and Finnick were about to give up, out of the blue, a white shadow appeared across their sight.

“Quick, look at that!” Seeing as such, Vivian was so excited that her eyes were fixated on the screen, unable to turn away.

That figure on the screen was none other than Evelyn. Nonetheless, judging from where she was heading, there could only be one possible destination—the airport.

It seemed like Evelyn was planning to flee her home country just to avoid Vivian.

Thinking of that, Vivian couldn’t help but lament how silly Evelyn was.

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