Never Late, Never Away Chapter 789

If Evelyn had just stayed in the hospital submissively and not caused any other troubles, Vivian might have just let her go considering that her birth mother had raised her up and that she was her husband’s first love.

However, Evelyn resorted to fleeing and continued to go against her.

Don’t blame me for being unmerciful, Evelyn. Judging from the current situation, no matter how she fights back, I will eventually win. Evelyn has nothing left. What can she come up against me with?

At the thought of that, Vivian felt that it didn’t matter anymore.

Even if they went to the airport now, Evelyn might have already boarded the plane, and it would be a waste of time to head there.

So why not just go home and take a good rest instead? We can just wait for Evelyn’s comeback.

Thinking about that, Vivian was no longer so persistent on finding Evelyn and keeping her under surveillance. She took Finnick’s hand and walked to the car.

“Vivian, you must be very tired. Why don’t you sleep for a while? I’ll wake you up when we reach.” Finnick knew how worn out Vivian was.

Hence, he asked Vivian to take a nap on their journey home, and he would wake her when they reached.

However, Finnick obviously had no idea about the fact that Vivian could no longer sleep outside after their divorce.

Only when she was lying on the bed at home could she fall asleep.

Sleeping outside would always arouse a feeling of emptiness and insecurity within her. Hence, she refused to sleep in the car.

“That’s okay. I’ll sleep when we arrive home.” Vivian didn’t want Finnick to know that she wasn’t able to fall asleep outside.

He’s equally exhausted today. Therefore, Vivian didn’t want Finnick to get worked up because of her.

“Alright.” Seeing that Vivian refused to sleep, Finnick didn’t insist either. He chatted with Vivian all the way so that it wouldn’t be too boring.

However, after talking for some time, he sensed that Vivian appeared very distracted all the while, so he started comforting her.

“Don’t dwell on it. Wherever Evelyn goes, I’ll be sure to capture her and bring her back. She won’t get anywhere,” said Finnick.

“I will make her pay for it,” Finnick added.

The reason he said that was because they used to have a harmonious and pleasant life together, but all that had turned into the current adverse situation due to Evelyn. That infuriated Finnick.

Nonetheless, regardless of how exasperated he got, Finnick refrained from showing his incensed emotion to avoid influencing Vivian with it. He didn’t want Vivian to be as irate.

Being angry had negative health effects. The reason he had been so composed all day long was so that Vivian would not be enraged because of his emotion.

Seeing how dejected Vivian was at that instant, Finnick had said that in an attempt to enliven her.

To his surprise, the effect was low to non-existent. Vivian only gruffly acknowledged without saying anything else.

Just as Finnick thought Vivian wouldn’t give any further responses, her gentle voice came from beside him. “I know that you will.”

And unwittingly, Vivian dozed off after that.

Half-smiling, Finnick floored on the gas pedal and sped off.

When they finally reached home, Larry was already soundly asleep, but Vivian had woken up.

Even Vivian herself couldn’t believe that she had fallen asleep in the car.

It was unprecedented. Even during that night in Coast Haven, she couldn’t sleep well.

Never did she expect herself to be so soundly asleep in Finnick’s car.

To Vivian, it was rather unbelievable.

“Vivian, take a nap upstairs.” Staring into her dopey eyes, Finnick felt that Vivian, who looked groggy, was enchanting.

“Hmm? Let me wash up first.” With that, she walked toward the bathroom giddily, and after washing up for a bit, she lay on the bed.

After a long day of running around, Vivian didn’t feel like saying anything else, so she went to bed directly and fell asleep soon after that.

When Finnick, too, finished taking his shower and went into the room, he saw Vivian sprawled on the bed.

Smiling affectionately, Finnick shifted Vivian gently into his embrace and fell asleep with a sweet smile.

While both Finnick and Vivian were serenely asleep, Evelyn, on the other hand, was at a restaurant in the airport. It seemed like she was eating as she was gobbling something up.

It was as though she had not eaten anything for a long time. The way she chomped on the food looked like she was starved for many days.

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t denied any meal on any day. It was she herself who was on a hunger strike.

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