Never Late, Never Away Chapter 790

“Vivian, just you wait. I’ll come back for you. We’re not done yet, and we’ll see who will laugh till the end,” Evelyn murmured to herself between bites.

It sounded like she was a sworn enemy with Vivian.

After finished eating, Evelyn was occupied with another scheme against Vivian in her mind as she wheeled herself into a deserted and narrow alley unwittingly.

Just as she was about to make a turn and come out of the alley, she heard the voices of a few men.

Their voices were filled with obscenity and lechery, which disgusted Evelyn. Those voices sounded far worse compared to that of Finnick.

That was what Evelyn was thinking.

But almost immediately, Evelyn became aware of the circumstances she was facing.

Right in that instant, she was all alone in a deserted and narrow alley with several strong men standing in her way. They had come after her money or her body.

Either way, Evelyn would have no escape.

The money she brought with her was to be used on her plane ticket, so she couldn’t let them rob her. Meanwhile, Finnick was the only person she would ever allow to lay his hands on her body. How can I let these filthy men touch me?

Those thoughts sent a shiver down Evelyn’s spine. At that juncture, she was just like a helpless princess waiting for her prince charming to rescue her.

The only prince charming who appeared in her mind, however, was Finnick. Therefore, her wishful thinking would never be granted.

The only thing that might actually eventuate was the deep fear within her of the consequence she would most probably face.

The three burly men approached Evelyn, and as they did, they were rubbing their hands as if they were ready for something great.

The fat on their faces was squashed into a lump, looking like an old sow had stood on their face. That was how hideous these men looked.

Nonetheless, Evelyn was in no mood to joke at the unsightly impression these men gave her. A sense of horror crept over her slowly.

“No, please don’t.” Evelyn knew that they were after her body in that instant, and she started wheeling herself in reverse.

Perhaps if she was farther away from them, she would feel safer.

Unfortunately, that was nothing but merely her illusion.

The more afraid Evelyn grew, the more sense of conquest these men tended to feel.

Their eyes fixated on the petite figure who was retreating hurriedly. Sweat droplets slid down her face in a beautiful and perfect curve.

The three men gulped subconsciously at that.

They had come out to grab a drink as they were sleepless that night. Never did they expect to come across such beauty on their way.

Not only did her face look awfully stunning, but her hourglass figure was also marvelously gorgeous. They couldn’t help but fantasize about the indulgence of pinning her beneath them and pressed on her body, forcing her into submission.

As they thought about it, they could feel their trousers getting tighter. That made the three of them even more desperate.

Concurrently, the helpless and vulnerable expression on Evelyn’s face aroused an even more unscrupulous feeling within them.

The men let loose of their lechery for the entire night, and it lasted until the next morning. When Evelyn woke up, traces and marks of what happened the night before were left on her body.

“Mmm.” Evelyn tried to move but immediately, a sharp, tearing pain came from her groin.

Looking at the clothes on her, a huge wave of mortification threatened to engulf her. What happened the night before replayed in her mind as she started recalling.

“Young lady, you can only blame yourself for loitering around in the middle of the night. For the sake that you were still a virgin, we’ll leave you with some money to buy yourself some clothes to wear. As with the rest, we’ll take it away.”

Listening to what they said, Evelyn fainted on the ground, and it was only until a short while ago did she regain consciousness.

She glanced around at the cash on the floor. It’s only two to three thousand. She had initially brought up to ten thousand with her and was only left with several thousand then.

All of a sudden, Evelyn was at a loss for what to do. She felt as though she was a stray dog, stripped of everything, and couldn’t even find the way home.

Even the most important thing that she held most dear to her heart was lost last night.

Evelyn was drained of hope to continue her life, but when she thought about Finnick, she forced herself to stay strong. She held onto the wall as she crawled with much difficulty against it, slowly approaching the wheelchair, which had been thrown aside. Until the moment she sat on it, she was still having a wonderful dream from the bottom of her heart.

She was thinking that Finnick would definitely forgive her and avenge her.

At the thought of that, Evelyn regained her composure and wheeled herself to the roadside. Seeing as the street vendor wasn’t paying attention, she stole a few pieces of elderly clothing and went to the airport.

Taking the plane ticket which she had bought in her hand, she was waiting to board the plane.

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