Never Late, Never Away Chapter 791

Along the way, all the passers-by couldn’t help but be distracted by this woman who was behaving very strangely. Some of the children even cast stones at her and beat her when they saw the way she looked.

And all those rude and crude behaviors weren’t stopped by the parents.

However, Evelyn couldn’t afford to act recklessly because she was one step from going overseas, and if she encountered any issues at this juncture, all her efforts would have gone to waste.

Thinking about the humiliation of being gang-raped last night and the misery of being despised by even the children, Evelyn put all the blame on Vivian.

If it wasn’t because of Vivian’s interference, I wouldn’t have ended up this way. I would have been living happily with Finnick now. It’s all because of Vivian, that worthless tr*mp.

Evelyn’s silent cursing caused Vivian, who was still soundly asleep in Finnick’s arms, to sneeze in her sleep.

And just as Evelyn was cursing Vivian, a piece of shocking news was aired on the huge screen at the airport—Wife of business mogul, Norton Corporation’s President returns with son!

Seeing the news, everyone at the scene froze on the spot.

Even though some of them might have heard it from others or read it in the newspapers, they had been keeping a flicker of hope within themselves that it wasn’t true.

However, now that the television had broadcasted Finnick’s acknowledgment of Vivian and Larry as his wife and son respectively, they had no other reason to not believe it.

That caused an abrupt commotion at the airport.

“Why do you think Mr. Norton got married so soon? He even has a son now!”

“How would I know? It’s said that his son was born five years ago.”

“Sigh. He’s my idol. How I wish he would take a look at me.”

“What in the world?”

Listening to the discussion among others, Evelyn was rooted to the ground.

Finnick has a son? When did that even happen? Why don’t I know about this? Vivian has just reconciled with Finnick. It’s impossible that they have a son.

Multiple questions emerged in Evelyn’s mind that couldn’t seem to go away.

In fact, Evelyn knew that they had resolved their conflicts and were together again a couple of days ago. It was also the reason why she had escaped from the hospital.

Nevertheless, she had totally no idea that they had a son.

Finnick was holding Vivian in his embrace and taking Larry’s hand in his. On the screen, they looked truly happy together as a family. That made Evelyn so mad that she bared her teeth in exasperation.

How could she bear Finnick’s child? What status does she have to be worthy of that? Only I am good enough for that! Go to hell!

The channel continued to broadcast the news that the kidnapping which happened then was planned by Mr. Norton’s son in order to make his parents reconcile with one another.

Seeing as such, all the attention of the onlookers shifted from Finnick to Larry. To their amazement, Larry looked even more handsome than Finnick.

However, they clearly didn’t expect Larry to be so smart. Many of the youthful hearts of the young girls around were melted by Larry.

Just as a commotion was stirred up by people’s reaction toward Larry, another staggering news was reported.

Larry would be Finnick’s successor for Norton Corporation!

Hearing that news, everyone was holding their breath in great astonishment. It was incredible.

That child of Finnick who suddenly emerged is actually made the successor for Norton Corporation? What happens if he has another child in the future? Also, is this child really Finnick’s biological son? If he is, then why didn’t anyone reveal such news previously?

Those people couldn’t really fathom the discovery. Fortunately, a plane was about to take off, and many passengers were rushing to the boarding gate. Thus, very soon, the scene was restored to its usual state again.

Evelyn knew the answers to half of the questions they were pondering.

That child was the one she tried to make Vivian abort several times a few years back. Never would she have expected that the child wasn’t actually aborted.

Evelyn was so incensed that her hands trembled in rage, and she had no idea how she should face these newly discovered facts at the moment.

It was her mistake back then, but it had become a scar in her heart by then.

Vivian had given birth to Finnick’s child, and he had even become Finnick’s successor for Norton Corporation.

Just this fact alone was difficult enough for Evelyn to compete against her.

Nevertheless, Evelyn had come this far and turned this way. She couldn’t really get any worse.

Damn, I’ll just take another chance. If I fail, I shall simply perish.

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