Never Late, Never Away Chapter 792

This was the only way for Evelyn to prove that she loved Finnick the most in this world. She would also show Vivian she would have the last laugh.

When that day arrived, Evelyn would make sure to give her a taste of how it was like to be gang-raped. The thought of it made her break into a bone-chilling smile.

The surrounding passengers stood far away for fear of being embroiled in a dispute with her.

Not that any of their stares mattered. Evelyn simply could not contain her excitement knowing what was awaiting Vivian.

The boarding call announcement interrupted her thoughts. “Dear passengers, this is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 2B to F Nation. Passengers with small children or those who require special assistance may board at gate three now. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. We wish you a pleasant journey. Thank you.”

It was time for her to leave although not of her own will. As her vigor from before died down, she felt her nervousness creeping back. She wheeled herself slowly to the security clearance.

After receiving the go-ahead from security, she turned back one last time and looked at the wheel tracks she’d left behind. Tears welled up, and she forced it back in. No matter what, she did not want to cry at the place she went against Vivian. She was the winner.

It’s not a big deal, I’m just leaving my birth country for a while. The next time I’m back, it’ll be forever.

It was a mandatory trip for Evelyn. Only by improving herself could she amass the power to go against Vivian.

Just as she was about to board the plane, an air stewardess stopped her. “Excuse me, miss, there’s an issue with your plane ticket.”

“What is it?”

Because Evelyn could not afford to purchase a first-class seat, she had gotten her current ticket online at a discounted rate. Was I scammed?

Her stomach was in knots as she waited for the air stewardess to finish discussing with her colleagues. After what felt like hours, she returned. “Miss, I’m really sorry, but your ticket is not recognized in our system. We can’t allow you to board the plane.”

The blood drained out of her face. She was determined to leave. Staying would only mean she’d be a sitting duck for Vivian and Finnick. She hated to admit but with her current state, she stood no chance against them.

While panicking, she fumbled for her purse. With the amount she had left, besides F Nation, the other countries within Epea were out of the topic. Her remaining choices were the visa-free countries nearby.

Evelyn eventually bought a one-way ticket to Tayhaven in Thymion. While making her way to her seat, she noticed how close they were. This was a first for her. Her pale face, the epitome of discomfort.

Despite being in a wheelchair, no one offered to assist her. After much difficulty, she finally got in her seat while holding in the strange stench coming off from the person next to her. Regardless, she forced herself to sleep.

Due to the high tension from the entire day, she was dead beat and fell asleep almost immediately.

In her dreams, Evelyn was a goddess revered by everyone around her. They were all vying for an opportunity to speak to her.

The next moment, she was transported to a red carpet. Her legs had healed. She was wearing a slick black dress, exuding an air of elegance. As she walked through a large atrium, everyone turned their gaze towards her in envy. She was the highlight of the event.

Her dream was a respite from the harsh reality. It had been a long while since she felt this confident being herself.

Soon, the plane landed, pulling Evelyn back to reality. Once she disembarked, it dawned on her that this was her first time here all by herself. During her previous trip to Thymion, she stayed in a five-star hotel with a dedicated chauffeur. But now, there were none of these luxuries.

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