Never Late, Never Away Chapter 793

Right now, her immediate goal was to find a decent place to live. While wheeling herself on the streets, she was bombarded with signboards in Thymionese.

Not knowing the language well, she could only make a guess based on the building’s exterior. Thankfully, the environment seemed pleasant enough.

While navigating, the biggest problem for Evelyn was the language barrier. Besides Chanaease, she could only converse in English and Ferropenese. Although it was not worth mentioning, she could recognize very little Thymionese words.

If she encountered any issues, there was almost no way for her to get through to the other party.

Fortunately, lady luck was on her side. She met someone who spoke Chanaease. Although the man in front of her paled in comparison to Finnick, he looked decent enough to trust.

He asked politely, “Can I help you with anything?”

“You?” Evelyn pointed at the stranger in front of her.

“Call me Henry. I’m the only one here who knows how to speak Chanaease.”

If I turn him down, it’ll be hard for me to rent a house.

With her back to the wall, Henry was her only viable option left. Besides, he seemed like an honest man. Thus, she told him her problems and how all these were caused by her shrewd enemy, Vivian.

Evelyn’s story had him full of pity. “All right. I’ll help you find a house.” Having said that, he led her to a spare house in his own backyard.

Henry did not mind helping a fellow Chanaean. Being far from home, he could empathize with how scary it was to be alone in a foreign land.

Meanwhile, back in Sunshine City, Vivian and Finnick were shopping for household items to give their house a makeover.

For many years, Finnick’s house maintained the same old look. Now that Vivian was living with him, the first step was to refurbish that house so that it reflected her taste as well. Only then would it truly become a home.

At the thought of having someone to take charge of his house, Finnick broke into a smile. To make things better, this person was his beloved wife.

The both of them walked hand in hand, oozing with happiness. This drew the envious stares of many passers-by, of which they were blissfully oblivious about.

Vivian and Finnick bought quite a bit of home decorations. They also hired two housemaids to take care of their home and let Larry attend the same kindergarten from before.

While the boy was still in school, Vivian took the opportunity to spruce up his bedroom. She wanted to make the room more personable for a child of his age.

Back in Thymion, Evelyn was also tidying up her house. She was pretty happy with it, albeit feeling embarrassed and guilty since Henry was insistent on not accepting any rent.

When she asked for a reason, he only said that he was just doing a favor for a fellow countryman.

Despite so, Evelyn could not accept a free meal. She understood the basic principle of working for one’s needs. Thus, she insisted on paying the rent.

“You’re reduced to this state all because of that woman, Vivian. Forget about the rent. Just focus on working on yourself here. Didn’t you just tell me? You’re going to get your revenge.” With that, Henry walked suavely out of her house.

His words made sense. Evelyn did not insist any further and watched as his back disappeared into a corner.

I’ve nothing to lose anyway. He’s probably only nice to me because of my looks.

Putting her thoughts aside, she wheeled herself around the fully-furnished house. All she needed to do was to empty her belongings into the closet.

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