Never Late, Never Away Chapter 794

It did not take long for Evelyn to unpack. Then, she needed to solve her biggest crisis. Because her money was stolen, she had no capital on her.

Her head throbbed at the thought of having to work for a wage. A young lady from a reputable family should not have to be humiliated in this manner.

Yet, she could not think of any other ideas. The money she had left was only enough to sustain her for a week.

After pondering for a long time, she came to no conclusion. Nevertheless, she decided to take a look around the vicinity for potential jobs and money-making ventures.

Evelyn got her bags and wheeled herself out of the house. Immediately after she exited, she could see many eyes staring weirdly at her. They were whispering among themselves in Thymionese, which she could not understand.

Despite making one round on the street, nothing came to her. Instead, she decided to satisfy her growling stomach; she was famished. But the language barrier proved to be a hindrance. Eventually, she decided to head back home and seek Henry’s help.

At home, the latter was already digging into his meal. Seeing Evelyn, he knew immediately she was hungry. He got a set of utensils and a plate for her to join him at the table.

She was so ravaged by hunger that she forgot all her manners. Every ounce of her energy left was spent on eating.

After that satisfactory meal, she asked him, “Do you know of any ways to make money?”

“You could work for me. I just need you to do some paperwork. I’m confident you’ll earn much more than other jobs.” Since Henry had invited her here, he did not mind helping her all the way through.

“Are you for real?” Evelyn nodded happily. In the past, she had helped Finnick quite a bit with his work. She was confident that she would excel in this.

This was her first genuine smile in a long while. It was so dazzling, even Henry who was accustomed to seeing all sorts of women, could not help but stare.

In reality, Evelyn had a beautiful face, even more so than Vivian. Her fatal flaw was being overly obsessed with Finnick. Her love for him had led her astray.

If it wasn’t for her obsession, even with her previous identity, she could have easily led a happy life.

Yet, not everyone understood the concept of letting go. One would cast everything aside to get what they want. The harder to attain, the harder one struggled. Evelyn was a perfect example.

Back in Sunshine City, Vivian had finished decorating the house.

Larry, who came home from school, almost could not recognize his home. He asked chirpily, “Mommy, why did the house change?”

“Because we need to add a few touches to transform the house into a home. Is my little pumpkin happy with the changes?” Vivian noticed as the days went by, Larry was looking more and more like Finnick.

“I love it!” The boy jumped around excitedly.

“Shall we go see your room?” She held his hand as they made their way up.

Vivian opened the door slowly, creating the suspense. To her surprise, Finnick was standing inside. He intended to surprise Larry.

“Daddy!” Rather than surprise, the boy was brimming with joy. He sprinted over to hug his father.

“Larry, did you have fun at kindergarten?” While asking, Finnick carried him into his arms.

“I had fun. But, it’ll be more fun if Mommy and Daddy were there.”

“That’s good. Should I give you a tour of your room?” While saying, he led his son to the center of the room.

Both Finnick and Vivian understood that as Larry grew older, there would be more moments where they couldn’t be by his side. Due to his tender age, this was still a worry they could put off for some years. Even so, they believed their son would turn out to be a fine man.

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