Never Late, Never Away Chapter 797

“Morning, Joshua.” Evelyn needed more money, so she could only suck up to Joshua and shamelessly cling to him like she was his woman.

Only then could she achieve her ultimate goal.

“Mm.” Joshua felt slightly irritated by Evelyn’s intimate way of calling him.

Despite that, he responded to her greeting.

“We should get up now.” Joshua rolled out of bed for fear that his brother might find out that he had slept with Evelyn. If that happened, he would never hear the end of it.

To his consternation, his fears came true.

Just when Evelyn was about to insist on staying, Henry’s voice reached her ears.

“Please, don’t trouble yourself with getting up. You had the guts to do this, yet, you’re too scared to let me know about it?” Henry barged into the room and glared at his younger brother.

“Henry.” Joshua was nonplussed as to how his brother found out about his shenanigans during the previous night.

Although he was curious, the most important thing at the moment was to disassociate himself from the matter altogether.

“It wasn’t me, Henry. She was the one who seduced me.” All of Joshua’s pocket money was given by Henry, and the former would be left with nothing if his brother decided to cut him off.

Hence, worried that Henry would get mad, he blamed everything on Evelyn instead.

But Evelyn was no pushover; she would never stand by and allow Joshua to slander her like this.

“No, Henry. I didn’t seduce him,” Evelyn contradicted.

Unfortunately, she failed to remember her place and the familial relationship between these two men.

Henry would never smear his brother’s reputation for the sake of an outsider.

Thus, he wrote Evelyn a cheque and told her to leave, but not before warning her against disclosing this incident.

Otherwise, he would make sure she couldn’t continue staying in Thymion.

Powerless against his threat, Evelyn took the cheque and wheeled herself out in a defeated manner.

At present, she didn’t have a penny on her. If she didn’t accept the cheque, she wouldn’t be able to survive in the days to follow.

The humiliation she suffered right then was for a future filled with riches.

All in all, it was better than watching Vivian show off her perfect life in the future.

With that thought fueling her, Evelyn packed her suitcase and left the place she had stayed for only a week.

Out on the streets, Evelyn was surrounded by Thymions and unfamiliar faces. All of a sudden, she felt the urge to cry in her wheelchair.

She was engulfed by a wave of homesickness. Back in her hometown, no place felt foreign to her, whether or not she had been there.

But since coming to Thymion, she felt as though she was going to lose her way at any moment.

She did not have a single friend in here, so no one could relate to how helpless she felt.

Her heart was in pain and there was no other way to describe her feelings.

She thought of returning to the city she knew like the back of her hand, but she dismissed that thought when looked down at her clothes.

They were the same ones she wore when she first came here. She did not have the confidence to show up in front of Vivian with a bare face and a shabby appearance.

Moreover, she did not have much money. Buying cosmetics would cost her a few months’ worths of daily expenses.

“Miss, would you like to come inside and have a look?” Just when Evelyn was caught in a bind, she heard a voice calling out to her in her mother tongue.

Evelyn raised her head and glanced at the sign which read “Intoxicated”.

The classical sign was a refreshing sight and the alphabets on it seemed to send a tingling sensation through her body.

Soon, she found herself nodding, expressing her willingness to go in.

Ironically, she didn’t even know what place this was, only that there was a voice in her head that kept whispering for her to go in.

As though in a trance, Evelyn allowed the woman to push her into the place, who then called over a few girls with light makeup on their faces.

The fragrance of cosmetics drifted into Evelyn’s nostrils, which she found solace in.

“Listen up, everyone. This is a newcomer. Who would like to get her acquainted?” The woman swept her gaze over the girls, planning to let one of them show Evelyn around.

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