Never Late, Never Away Chapter 798

After a few seconds, it seemed like no one was willing to bring this random stranger around. They felt that Evelyn could become a potential hindrance to them in the future because even though she was in a wheelchair, her beauty outshined theirs. Women were jealous of those prettier than them; it just couldn’t be helped.

“Look at the lot of you. Are you all really that lazy?” chided the woman. In the end, she decided to personally tour Evelyn around.

The group of girls cast one last glance at Evelyn before going back to work.

Evelyn soon got to know that this was a restaurant specially for customers from powerful backgrounds to entertain their guests.

But there was no open area here, only private rooms. The money the customers paid determined how pretty the servers assigned to them were.

Of course, if the restaurant wished to surpass those dishonest establishments, merely serving food wasn’t going to cut it.

Evelyn did not intend to stay here any longer, but once she entered this place, there was no turning back.

Just like that, she was stuck in this restaurant.

But on second thought, she did not find it so bad. If she was lucky, she could rub elbows with some wealthy and influential figures.

Most importantly, both the restaurant owner and customers spoke her mother tongue.

Evelyn did not care about anything else as long as she had enough money and food.

What delighted her the most was that she could use the cosmetics as she pleased. After she was informed about this, she happily went through the products and applied them to her face which had stayed bare for too long.

After she was done with her makeup, she came out in her wheelchair and enthralled all the other girls with her beauty.

Even though she was wheelchair-bound, it did nothing to diminish her charm. In fact, she was the most alluring one among them all, and of course, the most expensive one as well. Customers had to pay a lump sum of money if they wanted Evelyn to personally serve them the food.

A wheelchair-bound beauty serving food had become Intoxicated’s specialty.

After three months, Evelyn was crowned Top Server in Intoxicated.

Very soon, she established a foothold here. Some customers even offered her a high price to visit their homes for a chat.

Evelyn had her own plans.

The first step she planned to take was to heal her legs.

Although her legs were previously said to be untreatable, recently, she realized that she was gradually regaining sensation in both legs.

When she visited the hospital, the doctor declared that a full recovery for her legs was possible.

She never thought that in the midst of her despair, a sliver of hope would abruptly appear.

But the doctor also told her that for her legs to recover, the medical fees would come up to at least half a million.

If it was in the past, half a million would be but a drop in a bucket. However, that amount currently seemed like an entire ocean to her.

Hence, she needed to earn more money to heal her legs and make a grand comeback.

Meanwhile, Vivian seemed to be in a jolly mood every day ever since moving in with Finnick.

Apart from going to work at the magazine company every day, she tidied up the house whenever she was free and also played with Larry.

She was living a carefree life. Still, her thoughts would occasionally stray to Evelyn, wondering where she was and how she was doing.

Even so, those were random thoughts. After all, she wasn’t really all that interested in knowing where Evelyn was at that moment.

Sometimes, she wondered if Evelyn ever left the country at all, but these were only harmless thoughts that emerged when she was too idle.

At times when her mind wandered too far, she would stop thinking about it altogether. There was no point in wondering about Evelyn, after all, so there was no reason to waste her time.

After Vivian came to terms with this, she rarely thought about Evelyn again.

“Vivian, what are you doing?” It was already evening, but Finnick had only just gotten home from work.

Standing beside Vivian, he watched her use her finger to draw patterns on the water in the pond.

Wondering what was on her mind, Finnick hugged her from behind and buried his face into the crook of her neck to breathe in her pleasant scent.

Vivian’s neck felt slightly ticklish, but she allowed him to have his way.

“Nothing. I’m just bored.” Vivian’s gaze remained fixed on the pond even as she answered Finnick.

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