Never Late, Never Away Chapter 799

“Oh? Bored? Then let’s do something fun, hmm?” Finnick whispered huskily before nibbling on her earlobe.

Vivian’s body trembled slightly from his tantalizing actions, but she remembered that they were currently out in the open and not in their room.

Hence, rationality prompted her to push him away, but of course, Finnick remained undeterred.

The air grew thick with sexual tension and things started to escalate between them, but when an innocent voice reached their ears, the spell was broken.

“Mommy, Daddy, are you going to give me a little brother?” Larry just came home from school and heard the housemaid say that his parents were here. Hence, he came looking for them.

What greeted him was the sight of his parents being intimate with each other. His curiosity was piqued and he couldn’t help but wonder if they were about to give him a little brother or little sister.

The boy deemed that there was no other reasonable explanation besides this.

When Larry’s innocent voice broke through the haze of desire cloaking him and Vivian, there was a split second where Finnick had the impulse to throw him out of the house.

However, reason told him that this was his son and he couldn’t do that. In the end, he sighed in defeat.

Just as the three of them were caught in an awkward moment, they heard the housemaid’s footsteps approaching along with the sound of the phone ringing.

“Mr. and Mrs. Norton,” she addressed them both, then directed her next words at Finnick, “It’s your grandfather, sir.” After informing him about the caller, she spun on her heels and left, giving them privacy.

Vivian was pleased with the housemaid’s polite manners and felt that her decision in choosing her was the right one.

She gave herself a mental pat on the back for being a good judge of character.

Suddenly recalling that it was her grandfather-in-law on the line, she turned her attention to Finnick, trying to make sense of their conversation.

However, the call was ended before she could make head or tail.

Vivian studied Finnick’s expression, trying to figure out his thoughts.

Regrettably, he was impossible to interpret most of the time. Hence, Vivian couldn’t tell what was running through his mind and finally gave up.

“What’s wrong?” She thought she might as well ask him directly.

“Grandpa wants us to go home for a meal.”

Grandpa probably knows that we’ve reconciled. That’s why he asked us to go home.

Vivian didn’t find anything odd about it, so she didn’t comment further.

But when she thought about meeting her grandfather-in-law, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. It was as though she was transported back to the first time she met him as the ugly granddaughter-in-law.

Despite being a bundle of nerves, all the things she experienced in life had strengthened her as a person. Hence, at present, she could remain calm and composed even under pressure.

“When are we going, then?” Vivian needed to mentally prepare herself and also buy an attire suited for the occasion.

“Tomorrow noon,” Finnick stated the agreed time.

Seeing his grandfather wasn’t a big deal to Finnick, but every time they were going to meet him, Vivian would dawdle for some reason.

But when he thought more about it, he realized that perhaps meeting the elders projected an insurmountable pressure on her.

That must be it.

“Mommy, Daddy, who are you going to meet?” Larry, who was still standing beside them, knew that they were going to see an important person.

“We’re going to meet your great-grandpa and you’re coming with us, little pumpkin,” Vivian explained and stroked Larry’s head lovingly.

Larry had never met his great-grandfather since he was born. Hence, this was a good opportunity to let Samuel meet his great-grandson.

“Great-grandpa? Okay.” Larry instantly perked up with excitement when he was told he had a great-grandfather.

Larry craved for family affection. I used to only have Mommy and Uncle Benedict, but now, I have a daddy and a great-grandpa too!

This news placed Larry in high spirits, but there was still one more question gnawing at his mind.

What were Mommy and Daddy doing just now?

Although he was curious, he did not vocalize it because he could clearly remember his father’s grim expression when he asked the question earlier.

Thus, Larry could only swallow back the words on the tip of his tongue and keep his lips sealed.

“Come. Let’s have dinner.”

Having just come home from school, Larry was probably hungry. Coincidently, their housemaids had just finished preparing dinner.

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