Never Late, Never Away Chapter 801

Several girls on the second floor gathered around to discuss this topic. Fortunately for them, Finnick was out of earshot.

Otherwise, he would make them pay simply for badmouthing his wife.

“Vivian, try this one.” While she was still staring at the beautiful clothes laid out before her in a daze, Finnick expertly picked one for her.

It was an all-black dress.

The waist area was speckled with diamonds, making the dress look intense yet feminine.

It was so glamourous that Vivian didn’t have the confidence to pull it off.

But noticing the expectant look on Finnick’s face, she still went into the fitting room to try it on.

The moment Vivian emerged, the particles in the air seemed to come to a standstill.

Seeing the stunned look on Finnick’s face, Vivian thought it was like before when he either found her ugly or pretty.

Hence, she stood in front of him and let him study her closely.

Right then, the salesperson coughed meaningfully and whispered something into Vivian’s ear.

Vivian’s face instantly flushed a beetroot red and she hastily went back to the fitting room.

It turned out that her bra straps were exposed due to her carelessness. That was what caused them to wear those looks on their faces.

When she thought about how she even walked up to present herself to Finnick, she smacked her forehead, feeling utterly stupid. It would remain one of the many embarrassing things she had done in her life.

However, she couldn’t change what happened, so she adjusted her straps, sucked it up, and went out again.

Vivian checked herself in the mirror first, making sure there were no more issues before walking toward Finnick. “How do I look?”

Of course, Finnick trusted his own taste, but he noticed that the dress was a tad too revealing because the size he had chosen for her was a little too tight for her busty figure.

“Get one size bigger,” Finnick ordered the salesperson, who immediately did as she was told.

Vivian swiftly changed into the dress and walked out again. This time, everyone wore looks of approval.

Finnick felt that this dress suited Vivian the most. Even the salesperson looked at Vivian with awe and couldn’t help but admire her for having such a fashion-savvy husband.

Finnick gazed at Vivian for a while. Feeling that something was still missing, he went to the jewelry section and selected a necklace for her.

A ruby diamond necklace with a unique design caught his attention and he put it on for Vivian.

The necklace instantly elevated Vivian’s value and she looked like a princess coming out of the palace to pay her subjects a visit.

She was gorgeous beyond comparison, but she was still missing a pair of shoes to match.

Finnick squinted his eyes in thought. Since her dress is black, we can go with a pair of white shoes then. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white combination.

No one will have anything bad to say about it either.

Since we’re visiting Grandpa, her heels don’t need to be too high. With that thought in mind, Finnick picked a pair of low-heeled shoes and asked Vivian to try them on.

She looked perfect in the slim-fitting dress and a pair of moderately high heels which accentuated her long, slender legs.

The salesperson stared at the combination of clothes with stars in her eyes and swore that if she had enough money someday, she would wear the same outfit combination.

Even though she wouldn’t look as good as Vivian, no matter what, she needed to learn this style of outfit mash-up.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to live up to her position as a salesperson.

At the thought of this, she was certain that Finnick would definitely buy the whole outfit and mentally calculated the hefty commission she would receive from this.

Despite her excitement, she reminded herself that she was a professional and had to stay calm to maintain her image as an exemplary salesperson.

“How’s everything, miss? Is there anything else you’d like to see?” The salesperson was secretly hoping that Vivian would say yes. That way, she could earn even more commission.

“Do you see anything you like?” Finnick looked at Vivian with a gentle gaze.

Never one to buy unnecessarily, Vivian shook her head in response.

“That will be all. I’ll pay by card.” Finnick handed a card to the salesperson, then glanced at Vivian.

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