Never Late, Never Away Chapter 802

Vivian noticed Finnick staring at her and thought that there was something on her face. After touching her cheeks and finding nothing unusual, she asked him with confusion, “What is it?”

“I was just thinking how beautiful my wife looked in that dress,” Finnick leaned closer and whispered against her ear.

Vivian’s blushed prettily at that.

Lucky for her, the salesperson was a quick worker and they left the place soon after. Otherwise, Finnick would probably have said even more indecent things.

Seeing as there were two more hours until noon, Vivian proposed to pick Larry up from school, then head to Samuel’s house.

Finnick readily agreed with her arrangement and drove straight to Larry’s school.

Larry attended an elite school. Each class had very few students and Vivian found comfort in that.

After all, schools were where many children changed, for better or for worse.

Even though schools nurtured many talented individuals, they could also lead them astray.

Many students developed bad behavior after starting school because of mixing with the wrong crowd.

Over time, those children would venture down a path of no return.

Hence, the fewer students in a class, the better it would be for their future development.

“Vivian, what do you think Larry’s doing now?” Finnick had been wondering what his son was doing in school since he drove out of the mall’s parking lot.

When he drew a blank, he decided to ask Vivian instead, thinking he might as well strike up a conversation as he was bored from driving.

“Hmm, I guess he’s having his lesson in class.”

Vivian regarded school as a place of knowledge. Even if it was only a kindergarten, she believed that it was only natural that the teachers taught the students vocabulary, grammar, and everything along those lines.

“Hmm, probably.” Vivian’s answer was within Finnick’s expectations.

“We should wait until their class is over or we might disturb the other kids.”

Vivian was worried that their abrupt arrival would interrupt the students’ class and end up distracting them.

Later on, she realized that she was overthinking things.

When they both arrived at Larry’s school, the class wasn’t over yet. Hence, they went to the viewing room for parents and watched Larry through a transparent screen.

All of Larry’s classmates were playing, but Larry was seated alone at his desk while drawing something that she couldn’t make out.

What surprised her was the large group of girls surrounding Larry.

Upon closer inspection, she found that there were only ten boys and ten girls in his class.

There were nine girls around Larry, while the tenth girl was crying by the side because there wasn’t any space left for her to get close to him.

Vivian was stupefied when she saw this scene.

She was aware that her son was more handsome than most boys, but she never expected the actual situation to be this serious.

“Look at all his admirers. Like father, like son.” Exasperated, Vivian shot Finnick a sidelong glance.

Just like Larry, women flocked to Finnick. Even though they couldn’t speak to them, being close to them was more than enough.

Finnick and Larry were very similar in this aspect.

Finnick’s lips curved into a devilish smirk and he asked in a deep voice, “Honey, are you jealous?”

“No, I’m not.” Vivian gave him a dirty look, then shifted her gaze back to Larry.

As if sensing someone’s eyes on him, Larry searched for the source of it and was surprised to see his mother.

Vivian waved at him and he broke into a wide smile.

As this was their first time seeing Larry smile, the girls around him bounced happily on their feet.

Vivian was at a loss. Those little girls are already swooning over a boy at their age. What’s going to happen when they grow up?

And what about my little pumpkin? He’s already so well-liked at his age, what’s going to happen when he grows up?

Vivian was conflicted, wanting to find a way to get rid of Larry’s girl magnet trait, but even after racking her brain for a long time, she still came up blank.

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