Never Late, Never Away Chapter 804

Vivian hoped that Finnick could say a few educational words to Larry.

“Larry, did you know? When a boy plays too much with a girl, he’ll start acting like her too. As in, he might not grow up to be a real man.”

Finnick looked at Larry with a solemn expression. Indeed, what he said wasn’t wrong. Some boys who played too much with girls ended up become slightly feminine.

However, the main reason Finnick had said that was to warn Larry away from those girls.

“But I didn’t go looking for them. They were the ones who came to me.” Larry gazed at his father with an aggrieved look after hearing what he said.

Daddy has misunderstood me.

Larry cared about his mother the most. If he didn’t grow up to be a real man, he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

Hence, he was slightly disheartened.

“Alright, we’ll take it as a misunderstanding on your daddy’s part. Since you didn’t go looking for them, then you shouldn’t play too much with them either, okay?” Vivian chimed in.

She knew that it wasn’t very appropriate to forbid her son from playing with those girls, but it was better than allowing him to go down the wrong path and getting into a relationship at such a young age.

“I’ve never talked to them.”

Larry was speaking the truth. Indeed, he ignored those girls on a frequent basis. Moreover, although those girls approached him, they never spoke to him.

In fact, they were afraid to do so because of his impassive expression.

“Mm. Be a good boy in school, okay, little pumpkin?” Vivian didn’t think she needed to say anymore.

“Okay,” Larry answered her very quickly.

Vivian felt at ease because she knew her son would be a good boy without her needing to tell him.

Finnick’s mouth arched into a smile while listening to their conversation.

Because Larry’s school was quite far from the Norton residence, the car ride was rather long.

By the time they arrived, it was already half-past eleven.

Vivian carried Larry down the car and spotted someone waiting for them at the door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Norton.” The housemaid had been waiting here for a long time.

Because she didn’t know who the little boy between them was, she didn’t address him.

“Mm. Where’s Grandpa?” Finnick queried.

“He’s inside,” the housemaid replied and showed them the way.

The Norton residence was huge. As soon as they entered the house, Vivian found that it gave off a completely different vibe from their own house.

Their house was warm and cozy, while the Norton residence was somber and intense.

This was probably the difference in taste between the younger and older generation.

As Vivian speculated in silence, she scanned her surroundings at the same time, but there was no sign of her grandfather-in-law.

“Where’s Grandpa?” Vivian cast a questioning gaze at Finnick.

Unlike Finnick, she wasn’t very familiar with Samuel’s habits and daily routines.

“He’s in the garden.” Then, he tugged Vivian toward the garden with confidence.

There were only three places his grandfather could be at home – the study, his bedroom, or the garden.

At this hour, the chances that he was in the garden were the highest.

Hence, Finnick made a beeline toward the garden.

Once there, he immediately caught sight of his grandfather sitting on the rocking chair.

At seventy years old, Samuel had a head of white hair and prominent wrinkles around his eyes.

His eyes were closed as he took a nap and no one dared to disturb him when he was submerged in his own world.

This place had become his personal paradise for him to live out the days of his carefree life.

“You’re here.” Just when Vivian wanted to continue surveying the place, Samuel’s voice pierced through the silence.

“Mm,” Finnick responded curtly.

“Grandpa,” Vivian greeted him respectfully, then nudged Larry. “Quick. Say hi to your great-grandpa.”

Samuel’s eyes widened in surprise at Vivian’s words. Since when did I have a great-grandson? Why didn’t I know anything about this?

He glanced at Finnick, as though asking for an explanation.

“Great-grandpa,” Larry called out with a broad grin, instantly taking a liking to this kind-looking elderly man.

Samuel hummed in approval, developing a fondness for this great-grandson at first glance.

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