Never Late, Never Away Chapter 806

Samuel himself preferred girls over boys, but he never had the luck of having a daughter. Hence, he could only rely on Vivian to bear him a granddaughter.

However, Vivian stiffened at the mention of having another child.

We’ve only just gotten back together. Should we really have another child so soon?

She knew she couldn’t be so blunt with an elder, so she hoped to relay her message subtly. “Grandpa, it hasn’t been long since I returned. I think it’s best to wait until we get accustomed to things before talking about having more kids.”

She carefully observed Samuel’s expression, but instead of discontent, she only saw an understanding gleam in his eyes.

“That’s a good idea too. Let’s give Larry and Finnick more time to bond.”

Larry had been deprived of fatherly love since young. If they had another child so soon, it wouldn’t be beneficial for him.

After chatting for a little longer, they decided to leave.

“It’s getting late, Grandpa. We’ll be taking our leave now.” Finnick glanced at Samuel, waiting for his reply.

Knowing what was on their minds, Samuel said nothing and nodded to signal that they could leave.

“Bye, Grandpa.” Vivian nodded courteously to Samuel.

“Bye, Great-grandpa,” Larry politely bid Samuel goodbye.

A smile spread across Samuel’s face in response.

He was growing fonder of Larry by the second. Since the same blood ran through their veins, it wasn’t odd that Larry looked very similar to Finnick when he was young, but what made Larry so likeable was his good manners.

After bidding farewell to Samuel, they decided to go out for a stroll instead of heading home right away.

Finnick called Noah to take Larry home.

Larry was initially reluctant to part ways with them, but when he thought about his parents wanting to spend quality time together, he realized that it wasn’t appropriate for him to tag along. Hence, he begrudgingly followed Noah home.

After they left, Vivian kept thinking about what Samuel said just now.

She did plan to have two children: a boy and a girl.

But now’s not the right time to have another baby. I’ll just wait and see how things turn out first.

“What are you thinking of?” Finnick waved his hand in front of Vivian’s face for quite some time before she snapped out of her daze.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian blinked at Finnick in confusion, thinking that he had something important to say.

“Nothing. I called you so many times, but you ignored me.” Finnick feigned hurt, putting on a pitiful look on his face.

Vivian rolled her eyes at him playfully and started walking, leaving Finnick behind.

Finnick watched in disbelief as she swiveled on her heels and walked away without once looking back. Then, he regained his senses and quickly caught up to her.

“Vivian, what are your thoughts on Grandpa’s suggestion to have a daughter?” Finnick wanted a daughter as well, so he decided to test the waters since he knew he couldn’t force Vivian to have another baby if she didn’t want to.

“Maybe in a few years. At least until Larry has gotten used to this family.”

Even if they wanted a daughter, they needed to take Larry’s feelings into consideration as he was their only son.

“Alright.” Finnick wasn’t planning to have a child so soon anyway. Seeing that Vivian had the intention to have a daughter as well, his heart settled and he did not probe further.

Both of them shared the same thoughts. Timing was the only issue.

Finnick held Vivian’s hand and walked along the street which was known for its unique architectural style.

Its beauty was the reason why it was more congested than other streets.

Even though the crowd was thick, Finnick did not once let go of Vivian’s hand as they weaved through the sea of people.

The attractive couple instantly drew envious glances from the passersby.

All of them, men and women alike, silently vowed to find a good-looking partner like them in the future.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Finnick strolled leisurely along the street, completely unaware that they had become a reference for choosing a partner.

But it wasn’t a bad thing either because people only considered good things to be paragons. This also proved that in the eyes of many, Vivian and Finnick were the epitome of a perfect couple.

Vivian was in a jovial mood as they ambled along the street with their interlocked hands swinging back and forth like a couple madly in love. After walking for a while, she spotted a girl at the corner of the street.

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