Never Late, Never Away Chapter 807

Even though the little girl wasn’t particularly pretty, she was extremely adorable.

She was staring unblinkingly through the window of a shop, as though there was something she greatly cherished inside.

Vivian’s curiosity was piqued as she wondered what exactly deserved the girl’s unwavering attention.

Hence, she shot Finnick a glance, signaling for him to follow her forward, to which he nodded and complied.

Upon walking closer, her eyes widened in surprise as it was not what she expected at all.

The little girl was staring at a very beautiful wedding gown.

The gown did not have many extravagant decorations. It was just an uncomplicated design with simple color, but it looked pure and modest in a very alluring way.

Hence, it wasn’t all that strange that the little girl was fascinated by it.

When Vivian was young, she, too, had fantasized about wearing a beautiful wedding gown to walk down the aisle and marry the man she loved.

Looking at the look of awe on the girl’s face, she had the urge to ask her why she liked this wedding gown.

So, she crouched down and peered at the girl with a gentle gaze before vocalizing her curiosity.

But the girl’s answer came as a massive shock to her.

“My family is poor, so my mommy said no one will marry me when I grow up, so I’ve come here to look at this wedding dress.

“It’s really beautiful, but I feel sad that I won’t have the chance to wear it in the future. That’s why I want to look at it now so that I won’t have too many regrets in the future.”

After she finished speaking, tears pooled in her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away.

Vivian’s heart squeezed in her chest when she saw the girl trying so hard not to cry.

“It’s okay, sweetie, don’t cry. Every girl will get the chance to wear their dream wedding dress and marry their Prince Charming.”

Vivian wanted to comfort the little girl, but her brows furrowed slightly as she sensed something off.

After a moment, she realized where the problem lay. She never had a wedding, let alone wearing a wedding gown.

Vivian didn’t know how to comfort the girl anymore because it would only be a lie if she did.

She didn’t wish to lie to such a cute little girl, so she could only swallow back the words at the tip of her tongue.

“Okay. Then I’ll study hard and wear a wedding dress when I grow up.” After listening to what Vivian said, the girl suddenly broke into a brilliant smile and promised to study hard.

With that, she turned around and left, leaving Vivian in a daze.

Just a single sentence managed to make her so happy?

Kids nowadays are really easy to coax.

Finnick fell into deep thought after witnessing this scene.

“C’mon.” Vivian slipped her hand into Finnick’s and continued walking forward.

They reached home after walking for a little longer. Vivian was exhausted from an entire day of activity, but she went to check on Larry in his bedroom first. Seeing that he was still awake and playing with his toys, she told him to come downstairs to have some fruits.

She wanted to create more opportunities for Finnick and Larry to spend more time with each other. Only then could Larry fit into his new home sooner.

Of course, Finnick understood the reason behind Vivian’s efforts.

Hence, he tried his best to play the role of a father. Even though he didn’t have any experience, zero was where many things started.

Nothing’s impossible as long as we work hard for it.

With that thought in mind, Finnick put things in motion.

“Larry, look what I bought for you.” Finnick brought over a Doraemon jigsaw puzzle and placed it in front of his son.

Previously when Vivian showed Larry to his Doraemon-themed room, Finnick noticed how happy the latter was. Hence, he took note of it and bought something Doraemon-related for him as well.

But this jigsaw puzzle required two people to complete it. This could provide the father and son more bonding time and improve Larry’s intelligence at the same time.

Finnick studied Larry’s face to gauge his reaction.

“Thank you, Daddy. I love it!” Larry genuinely liked this gift.

Finnick ruffled Larry’s hair with a fond smile and said, “As long as you like it.”

With that, he started to piece the puzzle with Larry.

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