Never Late, Never Away Chapter 808

Larry was a smart child. Even Finnick would have taken some time to complete the puzzle alone, but under his guidance, Larry successfully pieced the puzzle together very quickly.

Brimming with fatherly pride, Finnick picked Larry up and spun him around, causing the little boy to giggle happily.

He had always wanted to be swung around by his father when he was younger. Thus, he was over the moon when his wish finally came true.

Vivian’s lips curled into a content smile as she watched the interaction between the father and son.

This was undoubtedly the best scenario a family could hope for. As for having a daughter, that would have to wait until a few more years into the future.

Of course, Vivian wished for more beautiful moments such as this for her family, but rather than risk shattering the moment, it was better to exercise caution instead of rushing things.

After all, one wrong move could very well disrupt the harmony in this family.

Vivian smiled in relief as she observed her two favorite boys dancing around with equally bright grins.

She was confident that no one could come in between her family when they had such a strong bond.

Night fell soon.

Vivian lay in bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

Finnick, on the other hand, had his arms wrapped around her, immersed in his thoughts.

“Vivian, do you think that little girl from earlier will have the chance to wear her dream wedding dress in the future?”

Vivian was perplexed by his question, but she still answered him seriously, “I don’t know about the wedding dress, but I’m sure it won’t be like what her mother said about no one wanting to marry her.”

Vivian disapproved of certain parenting styles that affected a child negatively. No matter how poor a family is, they should never destroy a little girl’s dreams like that.

What’s wrong with telling a few white lies if it means making your child happy?

Parents should, at the very least, protect their children’s feelings.

Finnick hummed in response but remained otherwise silent. He had only asked it as a casual question, but after hearing Vivian’s answer, he was even more certain about his decision.

The two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

The next morning, Vivian was bewildered when she woke up alone on the bed.

After washing up, she went downstairs to look for Finnick, but he was nowhere in sight and neither could she reach him on his phone.

She was baffled because usually, he would inform her before leaving the house.

And even if he wasn’t home, he would keep his phone turned on twenty-four-seven and answer whenever she called. What’s going on today?

Where did he go this early in the morning?

Puzzled, Vivian went to Larry’s bedroom and found that he was still asleep.

Left without a choice, she could only sit on the sofa and wait, thinking that he would be back for breakfast.

Unfortunately, she thought wrong – it was still radio silence on Finnick’s end when breakfast time arrived.

When Larry came downstairs after washing up, Vivian sighed and started breakfast without her husband.

But later on, she noticed another problem – Noah was missing as well.

Hence, she had no choice but to personally send Larry to school that morning.

Because it had been a long time since Vivian drove him to school, Larry was in seventh heaven when he got to know this.

Yay, Mommy’s finally sending me to school today!

Vivian smiled when she sensed Larry’s excitement and urged him to quickly finish his meal to avoid being late.

In good spirits, Larry happily obeyed.

Vivian was still pondering where Finnick could have gone to, but after a long time, she was no closer to figuring it out.

It was soon time for Larry to go to school.

Vivian chose a low-profile car from the garage. After getting Larry settled, she put the car in drive and set off.

As Vivian wondered what Finnick was doing, the latter was scratching his head over where he should place the flower in his hands.

It turned out that he felt he owed it to Vivian to give her an unforgettable wedding.

Thus, he wanted to go through the normal procedure, which meant proposing to Vivian.

Finnick heard that women liked getting proposed to in public, so he set the location of the proposal in the largest park in the city.

First of all, parks generally gave people a warm and pleasant feeling, so he believed that it was suitable for a proposal. Secondly, there would also be a larger audience.

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