Never Late, Never Away Chapter 809

Finnick surveyed the place he had woken up early just to set up, his heart suddenly swelling with pride for himself.

Flower petals were strewn all over the ground and the fairy lights hanging from the trees gave the whole park a dreamy vibe.

Some pedestrians stopped in their tracks when they saw the beautiful sight, wondering what kind of event was about to happen.

After a while, they figured that it was probably some big shot trying to please his woman.

Those whose curiosity got the better of them stayed back to join in the hype, waiting for the female lead to arrive.

After making sure everything was ready, Finnick turned to Noah and said, “Check the time.”

He would tell Vivian to come here if it was almost time.

Noah checked his watch and answered, “It’s half-past eleven, Mr. Norton.”

Half past eleven…

He did a mental calculation and deemed that it was time.

He fished out his phone and sent Vivian a text message.

Finnick: Come to the park now. The one we always go to.

After he hit the send button, Vivian’s reply came almost immediately.

Vivian: What are you doing there?

Afraid of giving himself away, Finnick did not reply to her, thinking that it was best to refrain from speaking unnecessarily.

The proposal was a surprise and he did not want to accidentally spoil it.

“Get into position, everyone.” After Finnick gave the green light, Noah ordered everyone to give it their all to ensure the proposal was a success.

Vivian was already worried about Finnick as it was, so after he contacted her, she wasted no time, doing exactly as he had instructed.

After grabbing her stuff in record time, she pulled out of the garage once again.

On the way there, she tried to guess what he was up to, but she just couldn’t find an answer.

In the end, she simply gave up, reassuring herself to she would find out upon reaching the park they frequented.

With that thought in mind, she focused all her attention on the road.

Her driving skills weren’t amazing, so she made sure to drive carefully to avoid any accidents.

“Hurry, hurry!” Everyone sprang into action when they spotted Vivian’s car approaching the gates to the park.

The moment Vivian stepped into the park, the bright sky abruptly turned pitch-black. It was so dark she couldn’t even make out her own fingers.

Panic rose in her and she faltered in her stride, unsure of whether she should continue moving forward.

After a split second, she mustered up the courage to walk forward.

Suddenly, she stepped on a raised lever on the ground and beautiful stars blinked to life to embellish the entire dark sky, painting a mesmerizing scene.

Finnick had constructed a beautiful starry sky for Vivian.

Though surprised, she continued walking forward and gradually had an idea of what Finnick was up to, but the small smile on her lips was the only sign of her awareness.

Although she knew what was going to happen, she maintained the surprise on her face because she did not want to disappoint Finnick.

She ventured further into the park with eyes that shimmered with wonder and awe, curious to see what other surprises lay ahead of her.

Sure enough, after taking several steps, she heard music playing in the background.

It was a song she used to love listening to in the past, but ever since the divorce, she stopped listening to it.

Hence, that familiar melody instantly brought tears to her eyes.

This song evoked many memories and beautiful moments from the past.

Not wanting to ruin such a romantic moment, she looked up at the sky to stop her tears from escaping.

Once she was sure she wasn’t going to be a weeping mess, she continued moving forward.

She thought that she would step on something again, but was surprised when a castle came into sight.

Finnick was inside with Larry, whom they had picked up from school.

Two of her closest relatives were both in the castle.

At that moment, Vivian could no longer hold back her emotions. Tears gathered in her eyes again and streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

She suspected that Finnick was going to propose to her, but she never expected it to be so touching.

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