Never Late, Never Away Chapter 810

She knew that this moment was one that would forever be etched into her soul.

With her eyes fixated on Finnick and Larry, she approached the castle as her heart threatened to leap out of her chest from happiness.

After an entire morning of worrying about Finnick, words completely failed Vivian when she finally saw him under such circumstances.

“Thank you,” was all she said, hoping to convey all her emotions through these two, simple words.

Thank you for your love and tolerance toward me.

Thank you for preparing such a special proposal for me.

Thank you for playing the most important role in my life.

Thank you…

Vivian’s eyes seemed to speak a thousand words.

Taking the resolution and tears in her eyes, Finnick caressed her hair and pulled her into his arms. “Silly girl.”

His actions prompted more tears of happiness to roll down her cheeks.

There was also a time when Finnick hugged her this way and called her a silly girl in a gentle voice.

It was a long time ago, but when he repeated those exact actions, Vivian felt like she was transported back to the past.

As Finnick held her in his arms, the music reached a climax and the stars overhead rained down on them like falling stars; it was a spellbinding scene.

Vivian gazed at Finnick, noting the glittering stars reflected in his dark orbs. She knew he had beautiful eyes, but she had never seen them twinkling like this.

“Vivian, today’s the day I propose to you,” Finnick declared in a domineering tone and dropped to one knee.

Since young, he had only knelt before his grandfather.

Hence, that made Vivian the second one to be bestowed with that honor.

“Vivian, the first time we got married, I didn’t propose to you or profess my love for you, and my incompetence is to be blamed for that, but today, I want you to marry me and be the happiest bride in the world.”

He paused briefly before speaking again. “Vivian, I love you. Marry me.” As soon as these words left his lips, the lights came back on, and rose petals fell from the sky.

Suddenly, the crowd gathered around them started chanting in unison. “Marry him! Marry him!”

Only then did Vivian realize that there were so many onlookers.

Due to the darkness, she failed to notice them earlier, but as she cast her gaze around, she found an overwhelming number of people assembled around the venue.

Despite that, she was alert enough to remember that Finnick was still kneeling in front of her.

She turned back to look at him, perceiving the heartfelt emotions surfacing in his eyes.

In the past, Finnick always looked at her with a gentle gaze, but right then, there was also determination and certainty amidst the gentleness in his eyes.

Vivian smiled at that before replying, “Yes.”

As the audience cheered in response, Finnick slipped a wedding ring onto Vivian’s finger.

Vivian was stunned to see the familiar wedding ring.

If memory served her right, she had discarded her ring back then. Why does this one look like a carbon copy of my ring from before?

She cast at dubious glance at Finnick as he stood up.

Reading her thoughts, he clarified, “This isn’t the one you threw away back then. I bought one that resembles yours because I know you handpicked it.”

The last part of Finnick’s sentence tugged on Vivian’s heartstrings.

That’s right. I handpicked it back then and I was also the one who threw it away.

Just how much time and effort did it take Finnick to find a ring that looks exactly the same?

Although the ring Vivian chose all those years ago wasn’t that expensive, it was one-of-a-kind in the world.

For a moment, her mind was flooded with a million and one questions, but she soon realized that all of those weren’t important.

Perhaps he truly was capable of the impossible, but what mattered most was that they were together.

There was a romantic quality in the air as Finnick and Vivian gazed at each other, but it was disrupted after a while.

“Mommy, Daddy. Are you married now?” Larry finally blurted out the question on his mind after watching the two of them getting lost in their own world.

Faced with her son’s question, Vivian was caught in a bind.

I can’t say yes because we don’t have a marriage certificate to prove that we’re a legally married couple. Neither can I say no because where would that leave Larry, our son?

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