Never Late, Never Away Chapter 811

Am I supposed to tell him that we divorced once and have reunited now?

Just when Vivian was about to answer, Finnick beat her to it.

“Yes.” Just a simple word caused her heart to pound rapidly against her chest.

Finnick clapped twice and a man wheeled over a cart that had a cloth covering it.

Vivian was intrigued. What’s with all the mystery?

“Let’s open it together, Vivian.” Finnick took her hand and grabbed the corner of the cloth together.

Thinking that it was a gift from him, Vivian opened it up with curiosity.

The swishing sound of the cloth being lifted could be heard, but the crowd’s collective gasps drowned it out.

It wasn’t a gift, but a wedding gown that was exclusively designed by an international designer. And there was the only one of it in the entire world.

Vivian gaped at the pure white wedding gown in front of her, taking in its vintage design and the intricate embroidery all over the skirt.

Every stitch and thread showed how much dedication the designer poured into this wedding gown.

The workmanship was excellent and it was as though the designer sewed his or her love into the very gown.

Vivian had received too many surprises since walking into the park. As she looked at the wedding gown in front of her, her mind went blank.

She, who had always been an eloquent speaker, was truly lost for words. All she could do was stare at Finnick.

Finnick initially thought that she was going to say something, but when she kept silent after a long time, he realized that she couldn’t find the right words to say.

He tucked her hair behind her ear and said affectionately, “You don’t need to say anything. Just marry me.”

When Vivian nodded dumbly in response, a deep laugh rumbled from his chest.

Then, he urged her to put on the gown so that they could go home together.

But Vivian giggled in amusement when she heard his suggestion. “I’ve never seen anyone going home in a wedding gown.”

“Well, then. You’ll be the first.”

With no way to refute, Vivian went behind a curtain to slip on the wedding gown and walked out after quite some time.

This was the first time Finnick saw her in a wedding gown, and it was also her first time in one.

It was a shame that there was no mirror to show her how she looked.

She could only look at herself through Finnick’s eyes as she waited for his reaction.

Meanwhile, there was only one word in Finnick’s mind – beautiful.

The audience seemed to have stopped breathing as they stared at Vivian.

Of course, everyone had imagined how she would look in the gown, but their imaginations didn’t do her justice.

“How do I look?” Vivian’s movements were slightly restricted because of the gown. She could only stand still and ask Finnick for his opinion.

“Beautiful.” Finnick stared at her as if caught in a trance.

At that moment, Vivian looked like a queen before him, completely subduing his usual dominant self.

Vivian giggled shyly under his gaze.

It seems like the little girl from yesterday made quite an impact on him. That’s probably why he bought me a wedding dress.

Unbeknownst to her, this wedding gown was something Finnick had been planning in secret for a long time, but just so happened to be completed the previous night.

It had nothing to do with the little girl.

But there was nothing wrong with Vivian’s speculation either.

Finnick scooped her into his arms and strode toward the car.

He wanted to carry the woman he loved so dearly into the car, then into the place they called home.

Vivian snaked her arms around his neck, feeling like the happiest woman in the world.

She was carried all the way into their home, bridal-style. Their housemaids’ eyes glittered with happiness as they watched the couple’s loving interaction.

One thing subordinates like them could ever hope for was their employers’ happiness because it would reflect greatly on their own lives.

When employers were unhappy, they would usually vent it out on their subordinates.

Although Vivian would never do this, the house would still lose its warmth if the family was a broken one. As a result, their housemaids wouldn’t be able to work comfortably.

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