Never Late, Never Away Chapter 812

“Finnick, put me down.” Vivian squirmed slightly.

They had already arrived home, but he was still carrying her. Hence, she felt slightly flustered.

“Why? Are you shy? You’re my wife. Why can’t I carry you?”

Finnick shot her a wicked grin, as though his evil plan had been successfully carried out.

“I didn’t mean it that way, but we’re already home. When are you planning to put me down?” Vivian explained to clear up the misunderstanding.

“Alright, alright.” Finnick smiled at her before reluctantly placing her on her feet.

“Mommy, Daddy, our teacher said that marriage comes after a proposal, so when are you going to get married?” Larry blinked innocently at his parents.

“Very soon,” Finnick answered gleefully.

In fact, he had long since made the wedding preparations and was only waiting for Vivian to agree to marry him before setting the date and location.

Everything was ready. All that was left was the bride’s consent.

“Mm… I have something to tell you.” Vivian peeked at Finnick, slightly embarrassed.

“What’s wrong?” Finnick’s brows furrowed in confusion.

Then, he gently led her to the sofa, where they sat down to have a family discussion.

He was, in fact, worried that Vivian’s feet would hurt from standing too long in heels.

Vivian’s heart warmed at Finnick’s attentiveness. She shifted closer to him and began, “Actually, I haven’t gotten my household register delivered back to me. It’s still in A Nation.”

Vivian looked slightly abashed when she explained that she had brought along her household register for legal reasons when she moved to A Nation back then.

She only remembered that her household register wasn’t with her when Finnick mentioned marriage.

On the other hand, when Vivian brought this to light, Finnick felt that it was a mistake on his part.

He was so caught up in preparing the surprise that he failed to check if she had all the required documents for marriage.

For example, to register their marriage, they would need their household register among other legal documents.

Finnick gave Vivian a helpless look.

Indeed, it was an important detail he had missed and she wasn’t to be blamed.

“It’s okay. We’ll wait for the documents to be sent back. We can register our marriage later on.”

Finnick didn’t see a problem in having the wedding first and registering their marriage later. After all, he already considered the woman in front of him his wife.

They had everything. All that was left was to obtain a legal marriage certificate and doing it later wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Finnick voiced his opinion to Vivian, but the latter rejected it.

Both of them disagreed with each other in this regard.

In the past, their marriage was an impulsive decision and there was no love involved, so the process didn’t really matter.

But at present, since they were truly in love and fulfilled all conditions except some documents, what was wrong with waiting just a little longer?

What was the rush?

Faced with her firm refusal, Finnick could only acquiesce in her decision and wait until her birth certificate arrived to register their marriage.

After coming to an agreement, they got Noah to send Larry back to school.

Finnick initially didn’t plan on bringing Larry over, but to guarantee a successful marriage proposal, he decided to play it safe by bringing him.

He made this decision not because he lacked confidence, but he believed Larry’s presence could create a better effect and he turned out to be right.

Needless to say, he was satisfied with his wife’s response earlier.

Even though it caused Larry to miss an entire morning of class, according to his son’s intellect, he would be able to catch up very quickly.

Noah obeyed his orders and drove Larry to school.

Only Finnick, Vivian, and two of their housemaids were left at home.

With so much free time on their hands, they decided to go out for a movie after Vivian had a change of clothes.

Time flew by the fastest when one was happy. Before Vivian knew it, a week passed by since the marriage proposal.

A week later, she was home alone. Bored, she thought of going out for a walk when her phone rang.

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