Never Late, Never Away Chapter 813

Vivian glanced at the caller ID on her phone screen and knew that it was time to resolve this matter.

With that, she answered the call. “Hello?” She waited for the person on the other end of the line to respond.

“Vivian, let’s meet.” The caller’s voice sounded slightly uncertain.

“Send me the address. I’ll be there in a bit.” After the other person agreed, Vivian swiftly hung up the call.

Finally having something to do, Vivian felt more energized than before.

Sometimes coincidence was a good thing.

Just when you thought you would be bored out of your mind, something would crop up and you wouldn’t be able to avoid it even if you wanted to.

After getting ready, Vivian went to the garage and drove a car out.

Finnick wasn’t home that day or he would have given her a series of reminders before allowing her to go out.

Vivian was in good spirits as she listened to her favorite song in the car, deciding that she would come out for a drive whenever she was feeling bored at home.

The more she thought about it, the more appealing this idea seemed. Feeling content, she focused on driving and let her mind drift to the meeting later.

She racked her brain for a more appropriate way to speak and handle the issues she might be posed with.

Suddenly, her gaze was drawn to a dog lying on the road, drenched in blood.

Unease crept into her heart. Could this be some kind of bad omen?

Death is always associated with bad news.

Vivian silently prayed that nothing bad would happen, lest her good mood be affected.

After some time, Vivian arrived at the meeting location.

She parked her car and scanned her surroundings first before walking in search of the person she was supposed to meet with.

It was her first time here, so she slowed her steps to observe the scenery.

She was at the foot of a mountain where all kinds of flowers were in their full bloom.

It was a soothing sight, especially for women.

The person she was to meet seemed to have spent quite a lot of effort in choosing their meeting location.

Vivian walked down the slabbed pathway but still didn’t find who she was looking for. Hence, she took out her phone and made a call.

“Hello, where are you?” With her phone against her ear, she cast her gaze around.

“Stay right there. I can already see you. Give me two minutes.”

Vivian hummed a response and looked for a place to sit as she waited.

Unless it was a formal occasion, she didn’t see the need to continue standing.

Thus, she found a suitable spot to sit and waited patiently for the other person to arrive.

As promised, she only needed to wait for two minutes.

A familiar figure in a white shirt and casual hairstyle approached her with a warm smile.

Perhaps he was the perfect definition of a gentleman in the hearts of many girls.

But no matter how outstanding he was, she only had eyes for Finnick.

“Vivian, sorry for being late.”

Hunter looked at her apologetically.

After a long time of not seeing her, he found her to be even more beautiful than before.

Although she had put on some weight, it did nothing to diminish her beauty.

Recently, all Vivian did at home was to eat and sleep. It would be odd if she didn’t gain some weight.

Unaware of Hunter’s train of thoughts, she offered him a friendly smile.

“It’s fine. I only waited for a short while.”

Vivian noticed the beads of sweat on Hunter’s forehead and surmised that he must have rushed here.

On the contrary, she had left the house earlier because she was bored at home, so it really wasn’t Hunter’s fault.

“I’ve actually never been here before either, but I heard that it’s beautiful.”

Hunter did not usually have time to spare for sightseeing. Hence, this place was, of course, recommended by a friend.

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