Never Late, Never Away Chapter 814

“It really is beautiful.”

Vivian couldn’t deny that the air here was fresh and the environment serene, which served to amplify the connection to Mother Nature.

Most importantly, there were no signs of pollution, maintaining nature’s innocence.

“Then, shall we take a walk?” Hunter felt a trace of awkwardness hovering over them, so he suggested taking a walk to dissolve that barrier between them.

“Sure.” Vivian did not oppose.

After all, she had to face this sooner or later; it was only a matter of when.

Thus, it was better to make things clear between them as soon as possible, so that she could give Finnick an explanation and also stop feeling as though she owed Hunter.

When Vivian thought about it from this angle, she didn’t feel as nervous as Hunter.

Hunter cleared his throat. Not knowing where to start, he made small talk. “So, how have you been recently?”

Hunter wasn’t the kind of person who liked cutting things straight to the chase. Instead, he always started with some casual chit-chat and slowly steered the conversation toward the main topic.

“Not bad, I guess. I’m living a worry-free life whereby I’m spoon-fed in every way possible.”

Although she was blunt with her words, it was indeed an accurate portrayal of her life lately.

It was basically, eat, sleep and repeat for her.

She didn’t need to lift a single finger at home.

Her life was no different from the lives of those spoiled rich wives.

For some reason, Hunter felt depressed to hear that Vivian was living a happy life.

He fell silent as he searched for the words to express how he was feeling.

Before he came to a decision, Vivian glimpsed a pair of goldfish in the pond nearby.

Upon closer inspection, she noticed that there was a third fish beside them. Oddly, it resembled her own situation.

This fish liked one of the other two, so it kept following behind them.

Seeing as Hunter was keeping silent, Vivian leisurely watched the fish in the pond.

When the third fish swam up to one of the two fish, the other one sped forward to attack it.

This was the consequence of being a third party.

Vivian speculated that if she did not cut ties with Hunter once and for all, he would continue butting into her life.

If that happened, on top of issuing a warning, Finnick might even take action against Hunter.

No matter who it was for, this matter had to be resolved.

Before Vivian could speak, Hunter’s voice reached her ears.

“I heard that you’re back together with Finnick.” Hunter looked into Vivian’s eyes, wanting to catch every little expression she made.

Vivian, however, had no intention to hide. Instead, she gave him a firm reply. “Yes, I am.”

People said that when a woman was asked about another man by the man she liked, she would avert her gaze.

The fact that Vivian boldly met Hunter’s eyes proved that she had no feelings for him.

He had known it all along, but still couldn’t bring himself to accept the truth simply because he was deeply in love with her.

Little did he know that sometimes, loving meant letting go.

“Vivian, why didn’t you choose me? Is Finnick better than me in some way?”

Hunter felt that it was time he got some answers.

Furthermore, he could clearly sense that Vivian was treating their current meeting as their last one.

Hence, if he didn’t ask her now, he might not get another chance.

“It’s not about who’s better than who. Even if he’s not an outstanding man, since he’s the one I love, I’d wholeheartedly accept all of his flaws,” Vivian explained with a solemn expression when she realized that Hunter still didn’t get it.

She was choosing based on a person’s heart, which was vastly different from choosing objects based on their qualities and benefits.

This was a person whom she would spend the rest of her life with, while objects were materialistic possessions that didn’t last long.

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