Never Late, Never Away Chapter 815

He was never going to give her what she wanted or spent the rest of their life together.

This time, Vivian wanted to let Hunter know that he was not really her type. Besides, they didn’t share the same values.

A relationship with different values would never work out.

“What about me? Am I not good enough for you?” Hunter spoke with a hoarse voice. He felt as though his heart had been broken into pieces when he heard Vivian saying how much she loved Finnick.

In spite of that, he thought he should man up and ask whatever he had to ask.

“Finnick is the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. As for you, I’m really sorry.”

As soon as Vivian finished speaking, she saw the lights in Hunter’s eyes dimmed instantly.

It was her first time seeing the light in someone’s eyes could turn dark in a split second. It seemed that Vivian’s words was quite a blow to Hunter.

For everyone’s sake, Vivian would rather go with a relatively brutal way.

“Vivian, if I confess my love to you now, would you be with me?”

Hunter finally screwed up the courage to ask her that question.

Deep down, he knew that Vivian would definitely not choose him. But he just had to say out what was on his mind.

What if Vivian changed her mind suddenly to be with me? Perhaps, there will be miracles in the world?

While his mind began to wander, he heard Vivian’s indifferent tone of voice. “I won’t. You might not know this yet. I’ve already accepted Finnick’s proposal. So, we are going to get married soon.”

Initially, Vivian didn’t want to tell him about that. Since Hunter was not willing to give up, she had no choice but let him know the truth.

“I’ve said all that needed to be said. I’ve nothing more to say, so I hope everything goes well.”

Vivian left right after she finished her words.

Why? How does Finnick win Vivian’s heart? Why am I not the one?

Hunter kicked the rock next to him with indignation. The rock remained motionless while his legs hurt.

Hunter paid no attention to his legs because he couldn’t stop staring at Vivian’s back as she left.

“Finnick, I will win Vivian back. Just you wait and see!”

Hunter was doing fine until he saw Vivian leaving. He even lost control of his emotions just by looking at her back.

He was so in love with Vivian. He couldn’t understand why she chose Finnick over him in the end.


He refused to accept that!

Hunter had almost given up on himself. Right at that moment, he heard the sound of high heels tapping.

Hunter looked up, then immediately lowered his head again to look at the ground.

Hunter had never felt so lost before. He didn’t know what to do at all. The only way to make him feel better was to wallow in self-pity.

But that was not going to help him to win Vivian over.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve got to pull yourself together and get her back.” That person said with a cap pushed low over her face.

Soon, they sky was getting darker. Hunter went back home. In fact, he didn’t even know how he managed to get home.

All he could think of was the frustration and disdain towards Finnick.

All in all, he felt emotionally drained after having a conversation with Vivian earlier.

At night, Finnick came home. He saw Vivian sitting on the sofa, watching TV while eating chips.

He walked towards Vivian and bit the chips in her mouth. Then, he stared at her.

“What’s wrong?” The way Finnick stared at her made her feel uncomfortable. Thus, she immediately asked him.

“Today, you…” Finnick didn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he was waiting for Vivian to say it herself.

Vivian’s eyes darted around. Then, she asked, “What happened to me?”

“Tell me, what happened to you today?” Vivian knew exactly what Finnick was saying but she didn’t want to tell. It was quite annoying to Finnick.

“I didn’t do anything today.” Vivian carried on her mind games with Finnick.

“Fine. What were you doing with Hunter today?” Finnick had no choice but to ask Vivian himself.

If he didn’t ask, Vivian would definitely be dilly-dallied for quite a while before telling him.

But, Finnick was desperate to know everything. Hence, he could only compromise and ask her.

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