Never Late, Never Away Chapter 816

“Hunter confessed to me, but I rejected him.” Vivian summarized what happened earlier in one sentence and briefly explain to him.

However, Finnick wasn’t happy to hear about that.

Hunter confessed to Vivian? How can I not know about this?

“Damn it! How dare he confess to you?” Finnick would never allow anyone to have their eyes on his woman.

Therefore, he couldn’t help but feel upset when he heard Vivian’s words.

“So what? It doesn’t matter anymore. Didn’t I tell you that I have rejected him? Don’t be mad.” Vivian didn’t want to cause any trouble because of that. So, she was trying to calm Finnick down.

“It matters! He is messing with someone he shouldn’t.”

Vivian should have remained silent. The more she spoke, the more Finnick became jealous.

However, good always triumphed over evil. There was always going to be a way for Vivian to keep Finnick’s cool.

Just as he was about to do something against Hunter, he heard Vivian’s voice.

“Finnick, don’t be mad. OK?” The best way to deal with an angry man was being whiny and giving him an innocent look.

Technically, the theory worked perfectly well especially on Finnick.

“Look. Since he confessed to me, it indirectly proves that you have a pretty good taste. Other than that, he did not succeed in the end. So, why don’t we take the high road and forgive him?”

Vivian said gently while touching Finnick’s chest.

“Fine, then. I don’t want to be a petty person who holds onto grudges.”

Finnick found Vivian’s words actually made sense.

“Let bygones be bygones. If that’s the case, I’ll drop that topic. But if the same thing happens again in the future, I will make him regret his action.”

Finnick never liked Hunter ever since he started courting Vivian.

Hunter even confessed his feelings to Vivian after they were officially together. How could he allow Hunter to do that?

But, since Vivian said so, he decided to let him off once. Hopefully Hunter would behave himself in the future.

There shouldn’t be any problem as long as he didn’t act recklessly in front of Finnick.

“That’s good. You’re the best.” Vivian smiled and rubbed her cheeks against his chest.

Vivian wasn’t acting in that cutesy manner because she was concerned about Hunter. Instead, she didn’t want Finnick to worry about her.

She could still get rid of those unwanted encounters on her own. There was no need to trouble Finnick.

Sometimes, she would resolve her own problems if she could. She didn’t want to be too troublesome for him.

“Hey, you’re playing with fire.” Vivian had aroused him as she rubbed herself against his chest.

However, she wasn’t planning to stop. Therefore, Finnick carried her up to the bedroom immediately.

Vivian was a little surprised at first, but she didn’t feel anything afterwards.

She was just lying in his arms obediently and waiting for him to carry her back to the room.

Just as Finnick was going to make his further move, Vivian straight away covered herself with blanket and told him to go to sleep.

Finnick was speechless. That woman in front of him turned him on but left him hanging. He found her adorable for acting like it had nothing to do with her.

Finnick had no choice but to take a cold shower. Then, both of them lay in bed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The following morning was the weekend. Hence, Vivian brought Larry along to do some clothes shopping.

Finnick didn’t accompany them as he was caught up with something. Instead, he let Noah follow along to ensure their safety.

In fact, Vivian didn’t need any protection. However, since Hunter had expressed his love for Vivian the previous day, Finnick was even more worried for her to go out alone.

Thus, he might as well let Noah keep an eye on them. With that, he could also prevent any secret admirers from approaching Vivian.

How could she not know what was on Finnick’s mind? She just didn’t think there was anything wrong with Noah tagging along, as long as that would make Finnick feel at ease. That was all she ever wanted.

Meanwhile, she heard someone catching the thief when she was shopping for clothes.

At that time, the thief passed by Vivian coincidentally. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured because Noah was beside her.

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