Never Late, Never Away Chapter 817

“Mrs. Norton, are you okay?” Noah looked at Vivian. He was worried that she would be frightened by what happened.

“I’m fine.” Vivian looked at Larry, but Larry was staring at those people who was catching the thief with a gleam in his eyes.

The thief was a man. He was skinny with an average height. Why would a person like him be stealing things?

Soon after, the thief was caught as a result of those who were brave enough to step up against unjust acts.

Finally, the incident had come to an end. As Vivian was about to turn around and leave, she caught sight of a figure from the corner of her eyes.

That was… Evelyn Morrison.

How is that even possible? On second thought, it was not possible for Evelyn to be there. She was supposed to in another country at that time.

Therefore, the person that Vivian saw earlier was definitely not Evelyn.


Larry had been calling Vivian for quite some time but she stood there blankly as she was stunned.

It took quite a moment for her to notice Larry.

What’s the matter, little pumpkin?” Vivian looked at Larry. It seemed that she hadn’t fully regained her composure.

“Mommy, I had been calling you since just now. Why are you not responding to me?” Larry asked aggrievedly.

Larry had been trying to call Vivian but she ignored him. How could he not be upset?

However, Larry noticed that something had been bothering Vivian. So, he decided to not complain about her.

“Mommy, what happened?” Larry had always been thinking about protecting Vivian, as well as sharing her burdens.

Looking at the distressed look on her face, he thought perhaps he could help taking some burdens off Vivian’s shoulders.

However, Vivian didn’t tell Larry about what happened earlier because she was sure that she had seen it wrongly.

“It’s nothing. I thought I saw someone familiar but it isn’t.”

Vivian briefly explained to Larry and carried on shopping with him.

“How is it? How does it feel like watching the woman you love walking together with the child of another man? Are you feeling alright?” Right after Vivian left, a woman stood next to Hunter sarcastically asked.

“Evelyn, don’t push it.”

It turned out that woman was indeed Evelyn Morrison. Vivian’s eyes were not playing tricks on her.

As a man, Hunter couldn’t tolerate Evelyn for degrading and humiliating him. It seemed that he had become a lowly man. How could he not be angry?

“That’s it. You’ve seen it yourself now. It’s time for us to talk.” Seeing Vivian slowly walked away, Evelyn said impassively while touching her hair.

At night, after Vivian got home, she was considering whether to tell Finnick about what happened earlier on the street.

Thinking it over, it might make her look like a narrow-minded person.

Besides, she might be seeing it wrongly. Hence, it would be ridiculous if she said that out.

Perhaps I should tell him after confirming it.

After struggling with her thoughts for a while, she decided not to tell him anything.

Finnick seemed to know that Vivian had something to tell him. He had been waiting for a long time but to no avail.

Finnick took a glance at Vivian and thought she had probably changed her mind already.

Since she didn’t want to talk about it, he wouldn’t ask any further.

Thus, he hugged Vivian to sleep.

As the night fell, everyone was sleeping soundly. Yet, Hunter was standing alone outside in a cool breeze.

The image of the scene during the day flashed across his minds.

“Look. Undoubtedly, there’s no way for you to defeat Finnick now. No matter how hard you try, you’re not going to win her heart. But, don’t worry. Since we are working together now, your chance at winning will be increased. You and I are two of a kind. You love Vivian, while I’m in love with Finnick. Both of us are suffering from the pain of unrequited love. So, why don’t we work together to achieve something that we want?”

Evelyn’s words hit him like a ton of bricks, hard and deep. What she just said actually made a lot of sense, but he still felt that something wasn’t right.

At first, Hunter was still trying to argue strongly to defend himself. “It’s not that I can’t win her over. In fact, Finnick is too cunning. He keeps preventing me from getting closer to Vivian.”

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