Never Late, Never Away Chapter 818

Hunter was trying to explain. Yet, he couldn’t help but feeling somewhat inferior.

He always thought that he was evidently not as good as Finnick. That was why Vivian chose to be with Finnick.

If that was the case, he should have let her go. Perhaps that was for the better. Both of them could live happily on their own.

But Evelyn was right as well. He wasn’t any lesser than Finnick at all.

Finnick was a wealthy, powerful and good-looking man. As for Hunter, he was just equally good.

Hence, why don’t I give it a shot?

It was a do-or-die situation. Evelyn had completely messed up Hunter’s mind.

At that moment, besides having the willpower to fight for Vivian’s love, he was also feeling a little guilty.

Frankly speaking, he had been wondering if he was being way too despicable and vicious.

However, Evelyn assured him, “If you wanted to be such a saint, then you are never going to get Vivian.”

That was so true. He was doing this because of love.

Since that was the case, there was nothing to feel guilty about.

Hunter was having a hard time struggling with his internal conflicts before he finally made up his mind to work together with Evelyn. He wanted to Finnick and Vivian from each other for the sake of love. It wouldn’t involve any underhanded tricks.

After dealing with his inner conflicts for a long time, he stood up and dusted himself.

Then, he got into the car and he hit the gas and left.

The moon was shining bright that night, brightening up the future and everything looked beautiful.

In the same way, all those dirty deeds were laid exposed.

The following morning, Vivian woke up and realized that she didn’t sleep well last night. Her head hurt so much after she got up.

Even Vivian herself had no idea what she did the previous night.

The other side, there was a woman lying on a white bed. Her face looked as pale as a sheet. Besides, a young lady was standing in front of the bed.

The two of them seemed to be discussing some upsetting topics as the young lady’s eyes were glistening with tears.

Taking a closer look, it was Evelyn.

Ever since Evelyn came back, she first went to Hunter and got him to stand by her side. Next, she went looking for Rachel.

She was trying to make Rachel feel totally disappointed with Vivian. Thus, Rachel might be helping her against Vivian together.

“Mom.” It was not her intention to address Rachel that way. But when she thought of her purpose of coming, she had no choice but force herself to do that.

“Hey.” It’s been a while since Rachel last met Evelyn. Finally, she was able to see her after so long, and even hearing her own daughter to call her Mom.

She was extremely overjoyed.

Usually, Evelyn was not willing to call her mom, let alone come visit her.

What’s going on today? Why does she think of visiting me suddenly?

Even though there were thousands of thoughts running through Rachel’s head, she thought it was better for her to remain silent.

Despite getting her biological daughter back, Evelyn was still blaming Rachel for changing her destiny without her consent.

Even though Rachel had been ill and bedridden all the time, her mind was clear.

Hence, she was well aware of many things.

After all, Evelyn was still her biological daughter. No matter how angry she was, she would always be her daughter.

“Hey, Evelyn. Come, take a seat.” Seeing Evelyn standing still in front of her, Rachel quickly greeted her and invited her over to sit down.

“Thank you.” Evelyn thanked her and sat down.

Evelyn knew that it would not be an easy conversation. Hence, she might as well sit down and talk.

Anyway, wearing heels for long periods of time wouldn’t benefit her at all.

“You’re welcome.” Evelyn sounded quite indifferent, as if she was trying to keep a distance from her. Rachel felt terrible and hurt.

However, she didn’t show any sign of impatience on her face.

“Mom, I come to tell you to beware of Vivian.” Evelyn went straight to the point since there was nothing much she could talk with Rachel.

“Why is it?” Vivian was the one who forced Evelyn to leave. Evelyn said in a rather serious tone, making Rachel feel as if Vivian had done some terrible things to Evelyn.

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