Never Late, Never Away Chapter 819

“It’s because…” Evelyn pretended to stutter. It seemed like it was not too convenient for her to tell Rachel.

Rachel couldn’t care less about the distance between them anymore. She immediately grabbed Evelyn’s hand and asked her desperately.

Even though Vivian chased Evelyn away previously, and also sent her to the nursing home.

Nevertheless, that was the best nursing home in the city. Apart from that, there was someone specially assigned to take good care of each unit.

She used to be biased against Vivian before. Therefore, she felt especially apologetic towards her.

Upon hearing her words, Rachel couldn’t help but ask Evelyn as she eagerly wanted to know what happened to Vivian.

Evelyn was standing right in front of her, seemingly fine. Hence, she thought something bad must have happened to Vivian.

However, it was obvious that Rachel had been overthinking.

According to Evelyn, nothing bad happened to Vivian. Instead, she had turned evil.

“Actually, Vivian didn’t do anything. It’s all my fault. I brought this on myself. In the end, I’m the one to blame for loving the wrong guy.”

Upon saying that, tears began rolling down her cheeks. Evelyn deserved an Oscars for her excellent acting skills.

“What’s wrong with her?” After hearing her words, it seemed that Vivian was fine. Instead, she had done something to Evelyn. Hence, Rachel’s tone became angry.

She would be worried for Vivian if anything were to happen to her. However, if Vivian had the guts to harm Evelyn in any way, she would make Vivian pay for what she did.

At the very least, that was what was on Rachel’s mind without taking her capability into consideration. It was obvious that she was being biased towards Evelyn.

“She… She forced me to go to Thymion.” Then, Evelyn started talking about what she had been through in Thymion.

It was all real. She wasn’t being exaggerated about it.

She got what she deserved, but she was putting all the blame on Vivian.

“That’s it. Henry gave me some money for me to come back.” After finishing her sentences, her tears fell.

To be honest, Evelyn had no other choice at that time. She was driven into a corner. She had been living her life to the fullest at Intoxicated until a rich man had his eyes on her.

The rich man wanted her to be his eighth mistress. Of course, she didn’t agree.

Luckily, Henry lent her a hand and helped her escape from the situation.

Evelyn asked Henry why he decided to help her. His answer was something that she would remember for the rest of her life.

“I will never tolerate anyone from my country to be bullied and insulted by those foreigners.”

Then, He left right after saying that.

After that, Evelyn managed to come back using the money that Henry given.

Rachel was heartbroken after hearing what Evelyn had been through in the past few months. She couldn’t help but melt into tears.

“Evelyn, it’s all my fault. I’m such a useless mother. Else, you wouldn’t have to go through that kind of suffering.” Her tears continued falling like rain.

“It’s fine, Mom. It’s all over now.” Evelyn wiped away the tears that she squeezed out earlier.

“But, Mom. You still have to be careful with Vivian. I’m afraid that she might do something to you later on.” In the end, Evelyn still couldn’t help but say those words to Rachel.

“Alright. I’ll keep that in mind.” Even that was something Evelyn asked her to do, she was never going to be as nice as she was before towards Vivian after learning what she had done to Evelyn.

Rachel had been lying in bed for years. She didn’t even have a chance to take a good look at her own daughter.

Now that Evelyn was right there by her side. Rachel kept on staring at her face. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Evelyn.

Her gaze made Evelyn feel a little uneasy. She even thought Rachel had seen through her trick.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Evelyn reached out her hands to touch her face, pretending as though there was something on her face.

In fact, she was trying to cover up her awkward facial expression.

“Evelyn, you’ve lost some weight.”

Evelyn was indeed thinner compared to the last time Rachel saw her.

Anyway, she didn’t go to Thymion for vacation in the last few months.

Initially, her intention was to earn some money and make a grand comeback. However, many had happened, so it was actually good for her to come back.

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