Never Late, Never Away Chapter 820

Evelyn thought about what she should do next.

Since she had managed to avoid the limelight, Vivian was no longer hot on her trail.

Thus, this was the best time for her to take action.

With this in mind, a conceited look flashed across her eyes.

But since Rachel was still by her side, she could not act too arrogantly. Otherwise, her efforts would go to waste.

“So where do you stay now?” Rachel asked, thinking Evelyn had no place to live after listening to her sob story.

“I… “ Evelyn stammered and pretended to act embarrassed.

Rachel immediately assumed that she had nowhere to stay.

As Evelyn’s mother, she felt obliged to help.

However, considering her own physical health, she felt that she wasn’t in the right state to help out. After pondering over this for a while, she said, “Why don’t you come and live with me?”

At the same time, she was worried that Evelyn wouldn’t be willing to take up her suggestion.

To her surprise, Evelyn agreed. “Thank you, Mom,” she said with a smile on her face.

Evelyn’s words were filled with emotions and sounded absolutely pleasing to Rachel’s ears.

“Alright then. We’re short of one bed in my room. Here, take this money and buy a good bed for yourself.” Rachel took out a thousand bucks from a loose board on her bed frame and gave it to Evelyn.

Evelyn was the type of girl who placed high importance on aesthetics, so she planned to buy herself a comfortable and nice-looking bed.

“Okay.” She took the money from Rachel since she didn’t have much money of her own.

The notes were crumpled, and they smelt old and musky.

She then furrowed her brows without saying anything else.

Evelyn felt repulsed by Rachel and even more so by the money she offered.

Ever since the moment she found out that Rachel was her mother, resentment had started brewing within her.

However, since she needed Rachel’s help right now, she had no choice but put on an act.

Evelyn pretended to look happy. How is one thousand enough to buy a good bed?

Who is she trying to fool?

She kept these thoughts to herself as now wasn’t the time to expose her true feelings.

“Alright Mom, I’ll go and pack up,” she said to Rachel before leaving.

Despite the resentment she felt, Evelyn still took the money that Rachel gave her and bought herself a bed.

To her, a bed that cost one thousand simply wasn’t up to her standards. Nevertheless, she still bought a bed to solve her immediate problems.

Since she and Hunter were now working together for mutual benefit, she felt that he should be supporting her financially.

When she brought this issue up to him, he immediately wrote her a check without giving it a second thought.

As long as he had the opportunity to pursue Vivian, money wasn’t a problem for him.

“Here is two hundred thousand. Come to me again after you finish spending it.” Hunter handed Evelyn a check and left right away.

He didn’t want to linger around Evelyn as he felt that she added a sense of burden to him.

Therefore, he tried to minimize contact with her as much as he could.

The only time Evelyn would look for Hunter was when she was out of money. She did not have that much time to spare anyway.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Finnick’s lives were pretty boring and uneventful. He was simply shuttled between work and home on a daily basis.

The only time he stayed at home to accompany Vivian was the time he tried to reconcile with her. However, that was not possible at the moment.

Business at the company still had to go on. On top of that, he had a family who depended on him financially.

If he neglected his business, he wouldn’t be able to give Larry a good start in life.

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