Never Late, Never Away Chapter 822

“Well, if I weren’t, I wouldn’t be here looking for you,” Evelyn said as she packed up her things and prepared to leave.

“Wait, you’re leaving already?” Mark felt helpless when he saw her packing up.

She comes to me for help, and now she’s leaving just like that?

“You don’t expect me to stay here and accompany you, do you?” Evelyn was rather irritated by him.

What am I supposed to do if I don’t leave? Accompany him in prison?

“No.” He shook his head, then she turned and made a move.

Mark was then sent back to his cell by the prison guard.

The first thing Evelyn did after leaving the prison was stop by Finnick’s office to check on the situation of the company.

A receptionist greeted her politely as she walked in, “Good day, may I have your name? Do you have an appointment?”

As soon as Evelyn took off her sunglasses, the receptionist recognized that she was a member of the Morrison family and allowed her to enter immediately.

Though Finnick happened to be looking for her, he wasn’t expecting her to show up at his office like this.

She was dressed rather differently today, so he might not be able to recognize her if he saw her.

As Evelyn walked along the corridor, she took a look at the employees who were working diligently.

Finnick was indeed a capable man, but because of his young age, he would frequently overlook certain issues.

After today’s discussion with Mark, Evelyn knew where the company’s loopholes were.

Although Mark was in prison, he had been well aware of the company’s shortcomings from the start, so he disclosed this information to Evelyn without any difficulty.

He knew exactly which issues would cause the company to collapse or to bring it to greater heights.

As a matter of fact, the most important element of a company was its employees. If employee issues were unresolved, the company would just be an empty shell.

However, the top management of the company were not affected by this issue, so Finnick had not realized the problems brewing between his employees.

As Evelyn observed the workers, she realized that there was absolutely no engagement or communication between them whatsoever.

If Finnick noticed this, he would probably think that his employees were quiet because they were scared of him.

Either that or it was because they didn’t have much to chat about.

Even if they did have common topics to talk about, they would only exchange a few casual words.

In essence, the biggest problem that Finnick’s company was facing was its employees.

Evelyn planned to exacerbate this problem and make it the downfall of the company.

However, this was a difficult goal to accomplish.

She needed to bribe one of the employees before her plan could work.

After circling around the floor, she scouted a skinny man and called him over.

“Hey, are you an employee of Finnor Group?” she greeted him.

“Yes I am,” he answered as he looked at her nervously.

Sensing that Evelyn wasn’t an easy person to deal with, he put on a defensive act.

“Relax. I just need a small favor from you,” she said before taking out a check for thirty thousand.

“Tell me your name.” She pushed the check towards the male employee.

“Peter Zborowski.” His eyes glimmered as he looked at Evelyn. Although he held a decent position at Finnor Group, he came from a poor family, thus his monthly wages weren’t enough to support his entire family.

“Now, I need you to help me…” She approached him and whispered the rest of her plan in his ears.

As Peter caught a whiff of Evelyn’s scent, he was immediately captivated by her, and he blindly agreed to everything she said.

This was exactly what Evelyn hoped for.

In fact, there was a reason why she had specifically picked Peter for the task.

The other employees wore branded clothing and often sat in noticeable places in the office. Peter, on the other hand, chose to sit by the window.

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