Never Late, Never Away Chapter 823

It was clear that Peter was nothing but a pawn to Evelyn.

All she needed was an underdog who was in need of money, not someone smart.

People would go to extreme lengths for the sake of money, and she was prepared to lure him with money.

This was the ugly truth of today’s materialistic society. As long as she could achieve her own goals, she didn’t care about anything else.

After an entire day of strategizing, Evelyn felt hungry, so she went to a nearby café to grab a coffee and headed to a restaurant for dinner.

However, she bumped into someone unexpected at the café.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” she asked when she saw Rachel sipping on a cup of mocha.

Evelyn was absolutely stunned. Since when did my mother become so sophisticated?

As Rachel lifted her cup of coffee, it seemed that her complexion had improved tremendously. She was not pale like what she looked like this morning.

More importantly, she was wearing a branded suit and every gesture she made was simply elegant.

Evelyn called out to her, but she didn’t seem to notice, so she called out louder the second time.

“Mom.” She took a seat in front of the lady and smiled at her.

However, the lady did not acknowledge Evelyn, but instead raised her head and said, “I’m sorry Miss. I think you got the wrong person.”

Right after that, she placed some money on the table and left.

Evelyn was left sitting at the table dumbfounded.

Wasn’t that my mother? If she’s not Mom, then who is she? Why does she look so much like Mom?

She pondered over these questions for a long time, but she simply couldn’t figure it out.

All she could do was go home and ask if Rachel had a twin sister.

That lady looked quite rich. If she is somewhat related to my mother, maybe I could use her help one day.

When this thought crossed her mind, she finally left and went home happily.

Meanwhile, Vivian was feeling bored and restless at home, so she vented to Finnick.

Finnick understood that Vivian felt bored being cooped up at home, so he agreed to take her and Larry on a short vacation.

Upon hearing that they were going on a holiday, she immediately cheered up.

She hadn’t gone for any vacations in a long time, so the upcoming trip definitely made her excited.

“Tell me, where would you like to go?” Finnick offered to let Vivian decide.

He was willing to agree to any destination she suggested.

“I want to visit Summerbank.” For some reason, Vivian really wanted to see the scenery in Summerbank.

Though it was now summer, the weather in Summerbank was still relatively cool, making it an ideal destination for a summer holiday.

Finnick gave it a quick thought and agreed without saying anything.

“When should we book our flight tickets then?” she asked as she started planning for the trip in her mind.

“You don’t need to worry about the planning. I’ll take care of it.” He found her expression rather amusing.

Since Vivian had been cooped up at home for so long, the thought of going on a vacation excited every bone in her body.

“Don’t just pass all the planning to Noah. Let me handle some of it too.” She simply couldn’t take another day of boredom at home.

Ugh, Finnick still wants to let Noah handle everything.

How much longer do I have to stay at home doing nothing?

As Vivian started to complain, Finnick had no choice but to give in to her and allow her to take charge of the planning.

Nevertheless, the condition was that Noah would be around to assist her.

The next morning, Finnick found Vivian having breakfast downstairs after he freshened up.

He quickly sat down and joined her for breakfast.

After grabbing a quick bite, he prepared to leave for the office.

He usually brought Noah along with him to the office. But since Vivian had planning to do, he decided to leave Noah at home today.

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