Never Late, Never Away Chapter 824

“No way. Just take Noah with you.”

Vivian had decided to do this on her own. Nobody else should meddle in this matter. There’s no place for Noah in this house.

The man was on the brim of tears. What should I do now that nobody wants me?

Finnick’s helpless voice rang just when Noah was still contemplating his options. “Alright, I’ll take him with me.”

Right then, Noah thought that all was not lost. So, I’m not totally useless.

Finnick took Noah away, leaving Vivian at home to pack the stuff needed for their vacation.

Noah had sent Larry away for school early in the morning. Hence, Vivian could enjoy some quiet time to pick out everything she needed at her own pace.

First, she needed to pack some clothes. After picking out a few outfits of her own, she proceeded to pick out a few of Finnick’s.

Since she did not know what the man would wear, she simply picked out those to her taste.

And at last, she picked out Larry’s and packed them all into a suitcase.

Then, she proceeded to book the flight tickets online.

However, to her dismay, there were no seats left. Every flight was fully booked.

How are we going on a vacation then?

Finnick knew that the woman would have thought of everything. Hence, he did not ask if she needed any more help.

Since she had promised to do the hard work, Vivian vowed that she would toughen her scalp and walk her talk.

She tried to contact other airlines but to no avail.

The woman started to get exasperated at this point. Now that there are no more flight tickets, do we have to cancel the trip?

There’s no freaking way I’m going to do that. I’d better think of a better solution.

The woman browsed online for solutions to her problem. Then, she stumbled upon someone trying to sell three round-trip air tickets to Summerbank.

Vivian hurriedly contacted the seller after coming across the advertisement.

“Hi there. I’d like to ask if the tickets are still available?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She had thought that it would take the seller some time to confirm the availability. Unexpectedly, the seller replied her in a heartbeat.

“What about the price?” The woman thought it was better to ask for the price upfront.

It was normal for the prices to get marked up during this peak travel season. She was planning on aborting the plan if the prices were ridiculously increased.

Just when Vivian was racking her brains on how to negotiate a better price, the seller replied to her immediately.

“We are offering the same price as the airline itself.”

There’s nothing else to consider. I should just get it right away.

“Do you support cash on delivery?” Vivian asked.

She wanted to play safe since there were a lot of scammers around.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Vivian sent over her address, phone number and name to the seller afterward.

“Please deliver them as soon as possible. Thank you.”

It’s going to be meaningless if this arrives after the consecutive holidays.

“Don’t worry, we will deliver them tonight.” The seller reassured her.

Vivian was taken aback by the efficiency of it all. They’re going to deliver it on the same day?

She thought the seller was just joking and did not pay heed to him.

Everything else was ready, except the air tickets.

She fetched Larry home in the afternoon and started to brief him about the things to look out for on their trip.

Larry was attentive to his mother and was thrilled about the vacation. Soon, night fell.

Vivian had put Larry to sleep, but Finnick was still not home.

The woman started to get worried about her husband. Where is he? Why isn’t he back yet?

I’d better call him and ask, rather than sitting around and worrying about him.

A woman’s voice rang, “The person you’re trying to call is unavailable. Please try again later.”

Vivian hung up and decided to just wait for her husband to come home.

“What’s the matter with Finnick? I can’t seem to reach him these days.” Vivian’s brain went into overdrive to come up with a viable explanation as to why her husband was not responding.

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