Never Late, Never Away Chapter 825

Vivian thought back to the time when she couldn’t find Finnick back then. It was the time when he was planning to propose to me. What is he trying to pull this time?

Is he preparing some sort of surprise for me?

He had just promised to bring us to Summerbank for a trip. What other surprise could he come up with?

I’m probably overthinking this. Finnick might really have something else to deal with right now.

Vivian then recalled a post that she saw online: Your man is probably shacking up with someone if you can’t find him.

Even though she had considered that a possibility, she dismissed the notion right away, ridiculing herself for entertaining that stupid idea. Finnick is not that kind of man.

I should just wait for him right here since I can’t reach him anyway.

She watched TV on the sofa for some time. Then, the doorbell rang.

Furrowing her brows, she remembered that Finnick had brought his keys before he headed out today. Besides, they only required fingerprints to unlock their door anyway.

She glanced out the window and noticed that a man was standing outside. He had a cap on and was wearing a mask. It was difficult to discern his features.

Vivian was thinking whether she should open the door for the man, and asked who he was from the gap of the door.

“Delivery,” the man replied with an odd voice. However, Vivian paid no heed to him.

No wonder they can promise same-day delivery for the air tickets. They’re working day and night to deliver to their customers!

Vivian opened the door to let the delivery guy in.

“Let me check the tickets.” Since the seller supported cash on delivery, Vivian thought it was better for her to check and verify the tickets received before paying.

“Vivian…” Just when she asked the delivery guy to let her check the tickets, the man called out her name.

Stumped, she eyeballed the delivery guy before her.

How does he know who I am? I did not reveal my real name to the seller.

His voice sounds so familiar…

She snapped out of her thoughts and knew exactly who the man was.

Vivian took off his cap and face mask, and a disarmingly handsome face appeared before her.

The woman knew who the man was already, but was still stunned after taking off his face mask.

“Finnick, why…” Vivian thought she had gotten the tickets all on her own.

However, she did not expect that the seller was actually Finnick.

She looked at the man, waiting for him to offer an explanation.

“I noticed that you couldn’t get the tickets, so I just thought I should help you out.” Finnick changed his shoes by the shoe cabinet and led her to the living room to sit on the sofa.

“You promised to let me handle everything this time.” Vivian was initially overjoyed for taking care of everything on her own but was slightly let down by the truth.

“There, there. Everything is alright now.” Finnick coaxed her.

“Actually, Noah bought these tickets. So, I didn’t actually buy them myself.” Finnick cast a glance at Noah at one side and winked at the man.

Noah, who was standing aside, tried hard to hold in his laughter. Vivian actually knew Noah would be the one getting the tickets but did not wish to say anything about it.

“Then, you handle the rest of the trip.” She had packed everything that she could, and thought it was best to let Finnick handle the rest.

“Sure.” Finnick nodded and ordered Noah to take care of it.

Despite Noah’s past mistakes, the man had not done anything wrong recently. Hence, Finnick decided to move on and put everything behind his head.

Meanwhile, Evelyn’s plan was going on smoothly. A carefully planned ‘accident’ was in place.

Soon, Vivian’s long-anticipated holiday arrived, and Larry had gotten three days off from school as well.

The little family had gotten up early in the morning to prepare for their ten o’clock flight to Summerbank.

Finnick initially wanted to book first-class seats. However, Finnick had deliberately booked economy class to let Vivian better enjoy the experience instead.

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