Never Late, Never Away Chapter 826

Vivian was very pleased with Finnick’s arrangement.

She showered him with praises, and the man accepted it all graciously.

“Daddy, Mommy, look. What are the two dogs doing?” Larry noticed two dogs in heat on their way to the airport and asked his parents out of curiosity.

Stumped, Vivian did not know how to answer her child. Helpless, she turned to look at her husband for help in the matter.

“Dogs, like us humans, like Mommy and Daddy, will find someone they love when they reach a certain age, and that’s what we do when we fall in love. Larry, you will find your girl, and you will fall in love with her when you grow up.”

Finnick thought that it was no need to beat around the bush, and dished it out straight to Larry without stammering.

Larry will know about birds and the bees sooner or later, and it’s best that he hears it from us anyway.

After listening to her husband’s explanation, Vivian nodded and let him be.

After all, Vivian was confident that Larry would turn out to be someone with great achievement in the future.

Vivian could not help but wonder if she was the only mother thinking so highly of her own child. Do all mothers think the same of their own children?

Soon, the plane took off. Larry knew that it was his second time on a plane.

He had been on a plane when they came back from A Nation.

The boy enjoyed these rides, thinking that the view out the window was like a giant TV, and the greeneries down below were like candies to his eyes.

“Daddy, Mommy, why do we have to turn off our phones?”

Larry started to ask questions after listening to the stewardess’ announcement.

The boy still could not speak when he was on his first ride from A Nation back to Sunshine City. However, now that he had grown up to be a curious little boy, it was normal for him to ask questions.

“Because we don’t want the radio interferences of cell phones to affect the navigation system of the plane,” Finnick replied Larry with language that he assumed the boy would understand.

Afraid that his son still did not understand, Finnick asked again, “Do you understand what I said?”

“Yes.” Larry gave Finnick an OK gesture, indicating that he understood what his father meant perfectly.

Vivian burst into a chuckle at her son’s gesture as she found it much too adorable.

Larry had even winked at them both.

This made Vivian wonder if she had mistaken Larry’s gender.

Is he secretly a little girl?

However, it was just a silly little notion. Her little pumpkin was indubitably a little boy.

She cast a glance at her husband and noticed that he was laughing too.

Unknowingly, her husband was actually stealing a glance at her too.

His next sentence made Vivian roll her eyes at the man.

“Why? You cannot go without staring at me for one second?”

A hint of mischievous glint fleeted across the man’s face as he asked.

It was so brief that Vivian was not able to catch onto it.

“Yeah, right.” Vivian fished out the magazine that she had brought from home and started to flip through it afterward.

Vivian knew she could not use her phone on the plane, and she wanted some time off from her phone screen anyway. Hence, she brought along a few magazines to kill time.

She was thinking that maybe she could even read some of the good ones to Larry as his bedtime story.

Noticing that his wife was flipping through her magazines, Finnick hugged Larry and shut his eyes to take a rest.

Since Larry was way too little to stay in his own seat, Finnick thought it was best for his son to stay with him.

The man thought that the seatbelt was not sufficient to stop his son from tumbling down in his sleep.

The three of them spent some time on the plane and had only realized that they had reached their destination after the plane had landed.

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