Never Late, Never Away Chapter 827

When Vivian was immersed in an interesting article, it was already time to get off the plane.

The plane landed safely. After they had gotten all their stuff, the little family alighted the plane.

With their luggage in their hands, the little family headed to their pre-booked hotel.

It was booked by Vivian. She had no idea which was a better stay, and in the end, the woman decided to go for a five-star hotel that looked quite decent and clean.

However, to their dismay, Finnick and Vivian could not seem to locate the hotel after some time.

In the end, Finnick called a cab and the cab driver became their GPS.

“Mister, we’d like to head to I-DO Hotel.” Vivian carried Larry and got into the car as she told the driver where they were headed.

“You guys are heading to I-DO? Really?” The cab driver was visibly taken aback by Vivian’s request as he looked at her like she was an alien.

“What’s the matter with I-DO Hotel?” Vivian asked. She had never been to Summerbank, and the woman had only booked the hotel out of a whim.

Why is the cab driver’s reaction so odd?

Vivian could not help but think that the hotel that she had booked was infamously worn-down or something.

“No- nothing,” the cab driver stammered and replied. He stepped on the pedal and headed toward their hotel.

“Daddy, Mommy. What are we going to do later at night?” It was only noon as they had been on the plane for a few hours.

What are we going to do at night if we take an afternoon nap later?

Larry knew that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later at night if he were to take a nap in the afternoon.

“What about if we don’t take a nap later and just take a rest at the hotel? That way, we can sleep better at night.”

Vivian knew what was on her son’s mind, and suggested a solution that would suit everyone.

“Sure.” Larry smiled at Vivian and snuggled in her embrace.

It only took them less than half an hour to reach the hotel as the cab driver had stepped on the accelerator.

The hotel was not at all worn down as Vivian had expected.

The woman smiled at the sight of their stay and tipped the cab driver.

The driver seemed like he wanted to say something but in the end, he bit his tongue and said nothing before driving away.

After getting to the lobby, Vivian could not help but notice that the crowd was not at all to her expectation. It was an underwhelming crowd considering that it was actually peak vacation season due to the consecutive holidays.

Both Vivian and Finnick had noticed the odd crowd at the hotel which was what they did not anticipate.

Could it be that the hotel is a stay that is too luxurious for many? Or that not many people know about the hotel?

Their questions could only be answered by the hotel receptionist.

Vivian walked over to the reception to clear her doubts but soon noticed that there was no receptionist on duty.

She looked around but still there was no one in sight.

Stumped, she turned around to her husband, hoping that he could help solve her trouble.

However, her husband appeared to be quite surprised and rushed to her side and held her hands.

“Vivian, are you alright?” Finnick eyeballed his wife but noticed nothing odd with her.

He heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that she was alright. Vivian, however, was stunned by her husband’s odd demeanor.

What’s the matter with Finnick?

Just when Vivian cast a doubtful glance at Finnick, her husband stared at the reception area, saying nothing.

Tracing his gaze, Vivian glanced in the same direction and was taken aback.

There was nobody around just moments ago. Where did she appear from?

Startled by the sudden appearance of the receptionist, Vivian could not help but think that her eyes had tricked her.

Of course, her eyes did not fail her because Finnick did not see anyone previously as well.

“I’m sorry for startling the two of you. I was picking up something under the desk just now and did not notice you guys coming in.”

The receptionist apologized for her abrupt appearance and felt guilty for frightening them.

Vivian thought she was imagining things. However, the sight of the thick powder on the receptionist’s face still made her feel uneasy.

Vivian was not one to poke into other people’s business, let alone commenting on other people’s choices of styles.

Finnick tugged at her hand and shook his head at her. Vivian merely smiled and strode forward.

“Hi, I’m just curious as to why there is not much crowd here at your hotel since it’s the peak season for travel?”

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