Never Late, Never Away Chapter 830

“Let’s wash up and have breakfast then,” said Finnick as he glanced at his son. Just when the man wanted to change Larry’s clothes, he was rejected by his son.

“The teacher at school said that we have to do things on our own. I want to change myself.”

The little boy dismissed his father’s hand and proceeded to put on clothes on himself.

Finnick was proud of Larry for taking the initiative.

His kindergarten teacher’s effort was not in vain.

“Alright, little pumpkin. Your mom and I will go wash up then.” The man headed to the bathroom after seeing that Larry could handle himself perfectly well.

Vivian was already brushing her teeth in the bathroom. The man circled his wife from behind and said, “Vivian.”

“Uh-huh.” The woman was brushing her teeth and mumbled her response.

“Let me help you,” Finnick said as he grabbed her toothbrush and started to brush her teeth.

He was really good at it, and Vivian felt like it was a pleasure.

Soon, they were done brushing her teeth. After rinsing her mouth, Vivian planned to head outside.

However, she was stopped by Finnick. The man cast a hopeful glance at her.

“What’s the matter?” Vivian was still in a daze after just waking up from a good night’s sleep. Naturally, she was oblivious to her husband’s signals.

Upset from her wife’s lack of response, Finnick looked dejected.

Noticing that his wife truly did not understand what he meant, Finnick said helplessly, “I mean, I’ve helped you brush your teeth.” The man then thought he made himself clear.

However, what Vivian was about to say rendered him speechless.


“So, you have to brush my teeth too.”

Finnick decided to cut to the chase. Otherwise, he would have to keep the little woman guessing all day.

“Oh, I see.” Vivian finally caught up with her husband.

Excited at the prospect of Vivian brushing his teeth, Finnick’s face split into a wide grin. However, Vivian’s words dampened his mood yet again.

“Brush it on your own.”

The woman turned around to leave right after, leaving Finnick despondent as he glanced at his wife’s back.

At the thought of their upcoming schedule that day, the man regained his composure and hurried up.

After Vivian bathed Larry, the three of them went down for breakfast.

“Vivian, what are you planning to do later?” Finnick asked as he glanced at his wife, excited for what was coming up.

“I’m thinking of going to the amusement park.”

Finnick’s face sank after listening to Vivian.

“Vivian, how about if we go horse riding? There’s an amusement park everywhere we go. Why are we coming so far just to go to an amusement park?”

The man was trying to talk his wife out of going to the park as he cast a glance at his son.

Finnick winked, signaling at his son to help him out.

Vivian did not know how to ride a horse, and he was thinking to bond with her when riding the horse later.

“Alright, horse riding it is,” Vivian said, echoing with her husband’s opinion about going horse riding.

Larry was going to back his mother up, but bit his tongue when he heard Vivian agreeing to Finnick’s suggestion.

The little family had a scrumptious breakfast to fuel themselves for the horse riding activity later on.

“Finnick, let’s book that car there,” suggested Vivian when they were looking for a ride to the horse riding place. She had her eye on a carriage ride.

The woman had always fancied everything antique, and the carriage ride struck a chord with her immediately.

Finnick had already taken a look at the map in the morning. Their hotel was actually quite near to the grassland. Hence, the carriage ride could be a viable option.

The man was thinking of killing two birds with one stone—hitching a ride to the grassland while fulfilling his wife’s wish.

A carriage ride was starkly different from that of a car.

Carriages would sway from side to side while cars bumped up and down. It was normal considering carriages were pulled manually after all.

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