Never Late, Never Away Chapter 831

Vivian did not mind the carriage swaying left and right as they went.

They were lucky that the grassland was not far from the hotel. Otherwise, they were only able to reach the grassland after night fell.

After reaching the grassland, Vivian got off the carriage, with Larry tagging along her side.

Finnick paid for the ride and trailed after the two.

As a result of the woman trotting along from being too excited, the man found it hard to catch up to them.

In the end, he had to jog to keep up with his wife and son.

Finnick thought it was best that he kept close to his wife and son, considering that they were in an unfamiliar place.

After strolling around for some time, the man whistled at the grassland, signaling for the staff to bring along horses for Vivian and himself.

A man on horse strode toward them.

“Mister, would you like to ride a horse?” The middle-aged man had a few grey strands in his hair, but appeared quite spirited.

One look and it was apparent that the man had spent most of his days on a horse’s back.

“Yes,” Finnick replied, and asked the man to take them to the stable before changing their clothes.

“Wow, they’re so beautiful.” Vivian could not help but be amazed when they reached the stable.

She had her eye on a white horse and thought that Finnick would look dashing riding a white horse, that even Prince Charming would no match for her husband.

“This one then,” Finnick said as he spotted the horse that Vivian had her eyes on. The animal looked tame and docile, even brushing itself against Vivian.

It was evident that the horse liked her.

He took over the equestrian apparel from the middle-aged man for himself and Vivian, and they went into a room to change.

As for Larry, there was no equestrian apparel that would suit him since he was too young. Hence, he just wore plain clothes.

Finnick changed into an all-white apparel. The clothing brought out his noble vibe, accentuating his perfect figure.

“How do I look? Dashing?” Finnick teased Vivian when he noticed his wife ogling him.

Vivian blushed crimson red and said nothing.

Noticing that his wife was shy, he could not bring himself to keep teasing her. The man then glanced at his wife.

The white equestrian apparel hugged her figure tight and brought out her alluring curves.

What a charming woman and don’t miss her figure.

Vivian noticed her husband’s unwavering stare and glanced at him.

“What are you looking at?” It was a rhetorical question. She was well aware of where his attention was diverted.

She just wanted him to avert his gaze.

“Nothing.” The man snapped out of this thought as his lips curved into an enigmatic smile.

Finnick held his son’s hand, and led the horse to the grassland.

The three of them rode the same horse, with Larry sandwiched between Vivian in the front and Finnick at the back.

However, the saddle was too crowded. Hence, Finnick decided to let Vivian and Larry take turns in riding the horse with him.

Larry went first. Since he was still young, he dared not go fast.

The horse strolled along on the grassland, and the little boy would initially clutch onto Finnick apprehensively, nervous from being on the horse.

It did not take the boy too long to get used to the experience, and he was visibly relaxed the second time Finnick rode with him.

Finnick was especially pleased with his son.

He had high hopes for his boy, and was cultivating him to become his successor in the future.

Nevertheless, he was beyond delighted when he noticed his son’s bold and adventurous side.

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