Never Late, Never Away Chapter 832

Since Larry was leaps and bounds ahead of himself when he was the same age, Finnick was certain that his son would grow up to outperform him and become an excellent successor to his business.

With the thought in mind, Finnick quickened his pace. Again, Larry only took a little time to get used to the increasing speed and started to cheer his father on.

The father-son duo both enjoyed the ride on the vast grassland.

They relished in the carefree moment as they broke free from the shackles of the city.

This was the reason Finnick had wanted to bring Larry and Vivian here.

Not only could he relax himself, but he could also make his wife and son happy.

The man struck his whip and strode a few rounds before letting Larry off the horse.

Finnick wanted to take Vivian for a few rounds before bringing his family to lunch.

It had been three hours after they arrived at the horse riding club, and it was almost lunch time as well.

However, he wanted to ride a few rounds with Vivian and asked Larry to wait for them patiently aside.

He initially thought that his son would be exasperated from having to wait for them. To his surprise, Larry cheered when he heard that they were going for a few more rounds.

“Mommy, Daddy, go go go!”

The little boy actually enjoyed seeing his parents interacting and being all lovey-dovey with each other.

It pleased him to see his parents showing affection for each other.

Finnick was delighted to see that his son was supportive of his decision and spun a few more rounds with Vivian.

Larry sat on a bench as he waited for them.

“Vivian, how do you feel?” Finnick circled her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder.

His lips was almost brushing against her nape.

Vivian could not help but roll her eyes at him. What does he mean by how do I feel?

Isn’t he supposed to lead me?

Even though the horse was still perfectly in his control, she could not help but wonder if he was riding a horse or trying to get intimate with her.

The woman kept mum.

Knowing what her silence meant, he struck his whip, sending the horse galloping in the wind.

Initially, Finnick had wanted to let his wife sit behind him as he did not wish for the gushing wind to cause her any discomfort.

However, Vivian insisted to sit in the front to enjoy the refreshing breeze blowing on her face, and Finnick relented.

Besides, it would be harder for him to ensure her safety if she was behind him anyway.

They galloped on the grassland, leaps, and bounds faster than when Finnick was riding with Larry.

Vivian’s face split into a wide grin as the breeze brushed past her face. Her unrestrained hair fell back with the wind, forming an entrancing sight.

However, the alluring sight was not without its drawback. Finnick’s face was hurting from her hair swatting against his face.

Despite the man saying nothing, Vivian knew that her flowing hair was causing a nuisance. She removed the scrunchie on her wrist and tied her hair back.

The man immediately felt a widening in his field of vision. He clamped down on the horse’s two sides and set off into the wind, stirring up dust behind him.

“Finnick, let me off.”

Vivian tugged on her husband’s shirt and raised an octave.

She wanted to get off because Larry was still waiting for them. Besides, she was already a little hungry. My little pumpkin must be famished right now.

Moreover, Finnick who had been doing all the hard work must be starving too.

Finnick handed their equestrian apparel back to the middle-aged man and returned him the horse.

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