Never Late, Never Away Chapter 833

By the time Vivian was done changing her clothes, Finnick was done with the payment. They sorted out their things and headed for a restaurant.

They took a carriage ride here earlier because Vivian fancied it. Besides, they were not in a rush.

However, now that everyone was famished, a carriage ride was not a good idea.

Finnick planned to call a cab instead.

The sun started to scorch as the temperature rose, but there was no cab in sight.

“What’s the matter?” Vivian’s stomach had been rumbling.

“Are you guys waiting for a cab? You’d better give it up. There’s no cab around here.”

The two of them turned around, and noticed that it was the middle-aged man from the horse riding club.

“No cab around here? Then, how do tourists head back to their hotel?”

Finnick was stumped at the lack of cab services around the area. Well, aren’t they missing out on a huge business opportunity.

I thought this is a well-known horse riding club. How come they do not offer any cab services around here?

Finnick looked at the middle-aged man with a puzzled look on his face and asked, “Since there is no cab around here, how are we supposed to head back to our hotel?”

The first course of action was to get back to their hotel and find a restaurant nearby so that they could have a scrumptious meal.

Vivian was hit hard by her hunger pangs and she started feeling dizzy.

“How did you guys come here?” The middle-aged man was bemused. They could have just gone back in the same cab that sent them here earlier.

“We came here on a carriage ride,” Vivian replied.

“Well, you guys should have asked the carriage ride to come to pick you up.”

The man sighed. “It has always been this way around here. Otherwise, no cab will stop to pick up passengers around here.”

Even though the horse riding club was quite famous, it was situated in a secluded area with a scattered population.

Hence, it had become an unspoken rule among the locals.

At the sight of the young couple with a child, the middle-aged man reckoned that they were first-timer tourists and definitely not from around the area.

As a consequence, they were stranded here.

“Uncle, is there a restaurant around here?”

While Vivian and Finnick were racking their brains for a solution, Larry posed a question to the man.

“Yes, of course,” the man replied as he nodded with pride.

“The food around here is delicious, and even I’m a regular there.”

There was a restaurant nearby that was famed for its good food, but it mainly served lamb and alcohol.

Most people enjoyed the food there, but there were some that disliked the taste as they could not get used to the diet of the locals.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we just eat here, Mommy and Daddy?” Larry interrupted his parent’s discussion and suggested.

The two agreed with him as there was no other better option. Hence, they could only ask the middle-aged man to lead the way.

Vivian had already booked a cab online while they were talking. It will arrive at four o’clock and fetch them back to the hotel.

“Vivian.” Finnick walked to her side and called out her name.

“Hmm?” Vivian answered.



The uncle trailing behind the two curled into a smile watching the two.

The three of them reached the restaurant soon, and the man bade them goodbye before heading home.

Vivian almost could not stifle her laughter at the sight of the name of the restaurant.

It reminded her of the allegedly five-star I-DO Hotel.

The restaurant was called Forget Me Not Restaurant. The name alone was enough to make Vivian want to steer clear of it.

However, she relented and gave in to her rumbling stomach. In the end, she stepped foot inside the restaurant holding Larry’s hand.

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