Never Late, Never Away Chapter 834

Finnick had noticed his wife trying to stifle her laughter, and the man could not help but burst into a chuckle at the sight of her.

Noticing that he was about to fall behind, the man hurriedly trailed behind them.

Vivian and Finnick would pay close attention to the surroundings whenever they entered an unfamiliar place.

The restaurant owner approached them as they confirmed that there was nothing peculiar about the place.

“Hello, what would the two of you like to have? This is the menu. Please take a look.”

There weren’t particularly a lot of serving staff around since the place would only be crowded during peak travel season.

“Thank you.” Vivian took over the menu and found a place nearby the window.

The other customers were seemingly enjoying their food. Vivian said nothing after she took note of it.

She ordered a few dishes before passing the menu to Finnick and Larry.

The three of them were starving, and quickly picked out their food without fussing over it.

The owner dropped their order at the kitchen as the three of them took their seats.

Hungry as hogs, the little family said nothing as they sat and stare at each other in silence.

Their food was served in a jiffy, despite the restaurant bustling with patrons.

It seemed like they had much better help in the kitchen.

Vivian could no longer resist the temptation and devoured her food.

Both Vivian and Finnick had ordered medium spiced food while Larry could only ordered slightly spiced one as he was still too young.

She found the food quite to her liking and her previous trepidation dissipated into thin air.

The taste was exquisite. If the restaurant was at a more strategic location, Vivian was certain that the restaurant would be even more well known.

However, sourcing for lamb would be an issue though since they wouldn’t be able to source fresh lamb if they decided to move away from the grassland.

Well, it would have to depend on the owner’s vision for his restaurant, whether he wanted to gain more popularity, or he just wanted to run a small business.

Vivian reined her thoughts back to herself after realizing that she was worrying about things that essentially had nothing to do with her.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, she filled Larry’s plate with food.

Larry needs a lot of nutritious food so that he can grow well.

Fortunately, Vivian had always paid extra attention to his nutrition, and the boy turned out well.

Moreover, Larry was not a picky eater, which was atypical of kids his age. Even some adults were really fussy with their food.

Finnick tapped her head lightly as he cast a glance at his wife. “Food for your thoughts?”

Then, he reached out and wiped away the bread crumbs on the side of her lips.

She touched where Finnick had knocked on for a bit, then continued to focus on her food.

Finnick noticed that he had been eyeing Vivian so intently that her every move went unnoticed in his eyes.

Is this what true love feels like? Otherwise, there’s no other way to explain why I’m so captivated by this woman.

Finnick chuckled to himself. When he thought about how they had to get back to the hotel before dark, the man hurriedly focused on his food.

It was still early, and the little family need not rush.

Finnick placed a stack of cash on the table after they were done dining, and headed out together with his wife and son.

“Is our ride here yet?” Finnick asked Vivian.

The woman was unsure either, and could only ask if the driver was about to arrive through the application.

Judging from the location that the driver sent over, it wouldn’t take him long to pick up the family.

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